Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream : Review

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One may ask that since now that I am happy with the VLCC under eye cream and went onto to repurchasing it why would I buy another Under Eye Cream. I don't know!!! May be because Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream intrigued me as despite being affordable it has mixed reviews online and it was in my wish list. I guess beauty blogging does that you :D I have tested this for about a month and here to give my views on it.

Price: INR 85 for 40 g.

Ingredients: Potato Extract, Germanium oil, Cederwood oil and Sesame oil. ( Funny the cardboard says Almond oil but the ingredient list does not include it)

Claims and how to use:

My views on Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream :

Packaging and texture: 
The cream comes in a tub packaging with the outer screw cap and inner lid protecting it.  The texture of the cream is thick, is cream/light yellow in color and has faint scent to it.

The texture as I said is thick and needs a good 5 minutes massage for it to sink in, it wont sink into skin on its own. If you end up with little more quantity with or without massaging the greasiness is present even after hours. But no point in complaining as the instructions itself says keep it either overnight or wipe it off after 30 minutes. Also, a little goes a long way.

I really dint see any major difference after using this twice a day for a month..... But
What I liked about this:
The exposure to sun, to computers, to TV ( Basically to life =)) ) usually results in tired and darker under the eye area at night on me. This cream manages to vanish that along with the moisturized, healthy under eye area the next morning.
When I don’t feel that great health wise, when I have cold or body ache I have this habit of waking up in intervals in the night and needless to say that, eyes show that tiredness in the morning. But I noticed that with this cream that tiredness is gone. It’s like I slept for 8 hours straight.( Thought I feel it !!)
Just to test I have skipped under eye cream in the morning and under eye area were not moisture deprived as the day progressed.

As I said earlier I dint see any miraculous effects using this but I really love how it moisturizes the under eye area. This cream is going to last me a year I think. I would say it worked just like those expensive under eye cream which moisturizers the under eye area well and removes the temporary darkness under the eyes without being heavy on the pockets. Thats what the claim says so!! So if you are looking for eyecream for this purpose or a eye cream for moisturizing purpose, I say give it a try. 

What do you think about this? Which eye cream are you using now?

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