Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner : Review, swatches

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Just when I think of reviewing eye makeup products, I get cold and eyes get watery. The only thing I have been able to test is none  of them are waterproof,  which none of the brands are claiming to be... Ughh. So finally when my cold calmed down I was able to test them and come to conclusion.

Faces has launched some new products recently. It includes eyeshadow quads, lipsticks, eyeliner, Mascara. So when I wanted a eyeliner being a new launch lover, Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner was my obvious choice. Next I am eyeing on the Glam on Perfect lipstick range.  Let’s move onto my experience with this eye-liner.

Price: Rs. 399 for 3.8mL ( I got it for 320INR online) .

Claims: Precise line, long lasting, easy glide, smudgeproof, water resistant.

My experience Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner:

Packaging: A black tube with golden details, I liked the glossy tube. Fuss free, travel friendly packaging. It has expiry date mentioned at the bottom.

Shade and finish: Oh! So black. While you apply the liner its extremely glossy and then it dries down to semi-matte finish.

Applicator: The applicator has a sponge tip which is hard. It's something which I have never used before and to be frank it's not the easiest one either. I have a steady hand when it comes to liquid liners (Courtesy: Drawing) but this applicator needs concentration specially while trying to apply a thin line. The applicator glides on smoothly, but it’s not easy to draw a thin line or a flick. I always end up with weird looking kitten flicks ( Read 2 different directions) !! .

Performance: The wings starts to fade within 2 hours and the rest of the liner remains intact. The liner is water resistance but not waterproof i/e it can take a splash of water but you touch it it's gone. It is smudge proof to an extent. The liner does stay for long hours. But if you keep touching it, it keeps loosing the intensity. It's easy to use it on the eye-shadow as well, glides on smoothly and retains the same intensity. Doesnot chip away, even if you layer the liner.

See what I mean!! Weird looking flick!!

All in all it’s a nice liner. The price is little high if you buy them on their original price, but these days everything is expensive. Lets not talk about the expense!! Okay?

As for me I might not buy this again. There are too many things to try.  True to its claims, with this eyeliner  we can draw a precise line , it is long-lasting , glides on smoothly, smudgefree to an extent and water resistance.  I recommend this product.
But keep in mind....
That the applicator is little hard to work with, you might poke your eyes with it, little tricky when it comes wings/flicks and if you successful in getting a pretty wings/flicks, they are the first one to disappear.

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What do you think about this? Which liquid liner are you using currently??

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