FabBag April 2015 Edition : The Disappointment :/

Hello All,

Finally April Bag reached me and disappointed me big time.

I have been seeing all posts about April Bag since the beginning of the month which had City color 4 shade blush in it and when I get the bag I get Bell perii…. or forget I want City colour blush.

I have this thing in my mind that when Fabbag sends out PR samples they send the amazing stuff and when it comes to others they send out dreaded shades and some other product from older months.

Remember that LA liquid lipstick? Some have got some weird N*de shade in them, PR samples had only reds, pinks, and oranges.

Last month that bracelet,  most PR samples had them.. But many received earrings, some received nothing.

In December month many received Deborah lipstick in the initial days, I received what not. No lipstick, no candle.

This month blush…..

There was a clear ad from Fabbag in Facebook that, the bags which are ordered before 15th of the month will have Citycolor blush... I have a 3 month subscription which I placed last month itself…..

Won’t I be disappointed????

No I have nothing against Fabbag sending PR samples, it’s how you promote and grow. I have nothing against bloggers either who receive the PR samples, they have earned it. Trust me if bloggers knew that their readers are not getting what Fabbag is claiming that they will get, bloggers will be disappointed as well.

Not only that I have seen people commenting in Instagram and heard people saying that they don’t get what others get, or what is shown. Has happened with me only, so I know how it feels. Some screenshots from Instagram:

I have 1 month subscription still left, I will think over it and I might cancel it or I don’t know , I seriously don’t know.

This is what I have received this month:

Malavara Shower Gel : Rs.300/- for 60 ml and Body Lotion : Rs.390/- for 60 ml : Smells citrusy. Very expensive, if its not for Fababg I would not have looked at it .

Bellapierre mineral makeup Blush : Peach Dusty rose type shade.  This seems to make way in the bag when Fabbag is out of blush to send out. Dint even show up on me.

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel : Eye Gel .

Denman Hair Brush : It's a Comb, what miracle it can do.

That's all for this month.....

FabBag you have a great concept, you send out amazing stuff, you come up with brilliant themes, I can see the month long work in those bags. Why dont you send out same stuff to everyone? You will grow even more...

What do you think bou this? Ever heard of this happening Do share

Live life to the fullest