Baby lips in New avatar- Review of Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in Berry Bomb :)

Hello lovelies,

Remember what Dory said when she saw baby jellyfish in ‘Finding Nemo’ ,  "Hey little guy! I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, he shall be my Squishy. Come here, Squishy, come here little Squishy! Doody Da De Do De Da, OW! “ This is the exact line came to my mind when I learnt that Maybelline Electro Pop baby lips are available in India, specially Berry Bomb. I had to have this purple lipbalm( Love berry and colour purple :D ) .The only difference is jellyfish  gave shock to Dory, where as these Electro pop baby lips did not, to me. But the happiness to own these cuties, Oh Yeah !!!.

Cost: 165 INR

So after a lot of…. should I open it? Do I have to open it? Let’s wait a little to open and use it.. I made up my mind and started using one. Here is my review:

* The texture is watery, not the usual Baby lips one. More like Nivea ones.
* Not heavy as old ones, buttery smooth.
* Stays on lips for 2 -3 hours, then goes away, the moisturization continued for the next 1 hour.
* You eat, drink after applying the lipbalm, just like that it's gone.
* I wore it before sleeping, when I woke up in the middle of the night, the lips were plump and moisturised.
* It has a pink berry tint. Multiple swipes leans slightly towards purple.
* Affordable.
* Packaging is Oh-So-Cute.
* Has Shea Butter and vitamin-E.
* Claims to give 8 hours moisturization. Yeah Right !! ?( Rolls the eyes )

Will I repurchase:  Honestly, I did not wanted to open this. I might buy backup, frame it and keep them for display. So, yes.

Will I recommend:  It's lip-balm, it's baby lips and it's in new avatar.  Go grab it.

These are different from our usual Baby lips. The older version has Waxy texture where as these Electro pops have watery texture. Go get at-least one of them. You simply cannot miss these cuties.I might open another one, next week. Do I have to???? :(

So when are buying them? which one? or all of them?

Live life to the fullest


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