Skin Cottage Shower Gel – Fruity Essence : Review

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Skin Cottage Shower Gel – Fruity Essence was part of the goodies I bought in my last trip to Bangalore ( Haul post here) . Let me review it before I finish this. As you can see in the clicks only 1/3rd of the product is left.  There is a reason why this is getting over in a speedy way.

Price: 269INR for 400ml.

No it is not the good one:
Because ....
The Shower gel does not lather much with loofah or without it. I end up taking a lot of amount every time.

*The bottle is not the fanciest one, a simple sturdy bottle with the flip cap. Though simple it looks elegant on the shelf, due to the Pink sticker, black cap combination it has. You can control the amount of product that comes out.

*The Shower Gel has gel consistency (Wow!! What a description) and is pale pink in colour ( Hard to photograph). The fragrance is very mild. Though it has fruits printed on the sticker, the scent it has leans towards Aromatic very flowery. It’s nowhere near fruity.

*The shower gel gets washed off easily leaving the skin soft and supple with the squeaky clean feel. I am okay with the non lathering part, but it is the scent part I am a little disappointed. I expect the scent to come and hit my nose. And not sniff and get the scent of bath product. After all bath time is my "Me time".

I got this for 269INR, but online I have seen this priced at 369-400INR which makes it expensive as I find this shower gel to be average. I will not be repurchasing this or any other variants. For me the 400ml bottle becomes a little too much, I would go for 200ml shower gels.  Buy it  only if you are looking mild fragrance shower gel, otherwise I don’t find anything special in this. Skip it.

Are you are a shower gel person? Have you used this? Do share

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