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Imagine you have to pick a dress, no pressure right?
Insert Dress for a special function? : A little pressure, because it’s for special function. 
Now insert Wedding dress: Pressure?? Feel it? I never get surprised when Bride becomes Bridezilla.

After all Wedding is the special day in a girl’s life. One has to find the perfect dress then look the best on that day, the pressure is quite natural.  If you want to spend tons on wedding dress, you may, you can, but what if you are on a budget? Just because you are on a budget does it mean you have to settle for something less??? I say no...why?

There are tons of websites you may ask? What’s different you ask? Well that’s natural. I feel the difference is the option for tailor made dresses along with the general sizes. Being one of world's leading online retailers they aim towards customer satisfaction by giving different style and quality dresses at smart prices.

The website is extremely easy to navigate too. Choose a section of your choice, budget of your choice and dresses within the selected criteria will be listed. Once you click on the dress of your choice, there are pictures of dresses in different angles. The arrival date, the size chart, the option of tailor made sizing everything is listed in the same page. offers variety of wedding dress under £100. So you want wedding dress that is under £50, they have that too.

Don't believe me? 

Just look at the wedding dress which are priced under £100 :

Look at this two amazing wedding dresse . One being the authentic long white dress and other short white wedding dress. I recently saw a Salsa dancer donned a short wedding dress and she burst into salsa moves after the wedding, in her beautiful wedding dress. Dancer or not Dancer or you want to show them long legs the short dress is a great choice ;) . The collection they have shows the variety they offer.

One of my favorite pick from the wedding dresses priced under £50: 

Now that you have picked up your perfect dress, don’t you want your Brides-mades to look perfect. After all they are too part of your special day. Promtimes is coming to rescue again, as they offer Brides made dresses priced under £50.

Lets look at 2 of my favorites dresses:

Aren’t they all beautiful. All these under one roof.

Along with the wedding and brides made dresses they offer Prom dresses too.

Promtimes offer Prom dresses under £50 too. Each and every dress which are listed here and the once listed on the websites have different color option as well. PromTimes source highest quality goods, they deliver goods worldwide with the 24 hour customer support on weekdays. Not to mention there are tons of satisfied customers too. Make sure to check them out.

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