Marks and Spencer Rose Hand and Nail Cream : Review

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Now there is a debate whether the hand creams are important or not. That part I don't know. But in my house handcreams are staple and there is always one around. Marks and Spencer Rose Hand and Nail Cream was part of the things I picked up in my recent trip to Bangalore ( Haul Post here ).

Marks and Spencer Rose Hand and Nail Cream

Price: 199 INR for 100ml

What the product claims: With the fragrance of timeless English rose, this carefully formulated pH balanced cream with added moisturizers will soften, condition and nourish hands and strengthen nails.


Marks and Spencer Rose Hand and Nail Cream review

My Experience with Marks and Spencer Rose Hand and Nail Cream:

The Hand & Nail Cream comes in a easy, squeezy, sturdy travel friendly tube. I like the Rose printed on it, Cute!!

I think M&S have nailed the scent of products. You know how it smells like? Imagine you have plucked a fresh Rose from the plant and crushed the flower. Now sniff your hands, yes this cream smells exactly like that and it lingers for a long time. Bonus!!! I am not fond of Rose scent and I love it. Rose scent lovers you cannot miss this.

The texture of the cream is not thick and spreads easily. It’s very moisturizing; however it takes some seconds to sink in, doesnot sink in right away . But if you have dry hands you will love the moisturization it provides. If you have normal hands like me a pea sized amount is enough. It makes the hands super soft and nails shiny.

Reapplication depends on the dryness level of your hand.

The only con it has is that it is available only in M and S stores. I don’t consider the time taken for the cream to sink as a con, because that con is a plus for hands especially dry ones.

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I already have strict orders from parents to pickup Marks and Spencer Rose Hand & Nail Cream and entire Rose range on my next visit to store. It's affordable, it smells nice, it’s moisturizing. I  think one cannot miss this, oh I mentioned that already. Recommend. 

Do you like Rose scent? Do you use Handcreams? 

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PS: If you have dry hands, have eczema keep the hand moisturized and keep a hand cream handy. 

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