Summer Skin Glow all year around : My ways to achieve them, yours could be too :)

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Summer skin glow!! Who does not want it?? That’s why we keep seeing sooo many highlighters around. Yup its awesome that there are products which can  give us an instant fix to our glow demands, but wouldn’t it be cool if you can have that glow, that summer sun kissed look all year around. No, it’s not about not buying those gorgeous highlighter; it’s about having that inner summer glow.

These are the points I follow to keep my skin feeling happy and glowy all year around even during the colder days:

Water: Yes Water, plenty of it!! 
Now guys you must be saying, "I know that!! Duh!!". I get it, it's everywhere. I know it, you know it, we all know it. But do you really do it?? Or the question should be “ Do you achieve 2L a day despite knowing it?”. I’ll be frank I was not able to everyday, until one day I found a solution: Fruit infused water.
* Strawberries, Blueberries, Oranges, watermelon Pineapple basically fruits. Fresh fruits . Just cut them and let them sink in the water overnight or you can just prepare it in the morning. It will be your antioxidant fix for the day.
* Add mint and lime to water and it becomes Detox water.
One of the effective way to achieve that plenty of water rule is to drag a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

Fooooodd: Not all, eat right!!!
No I won’t go ahead and impose too much don’t eat that Don’t eat this rule. Ill simply say stick to greens, fresh fruit. Being a vegetarian I lack knowledge about the non vegetarian food. But I guess the Fish is good for you.
Remember, eat moderately, too much of anything is always bad. Avoid too much sugar and too much fried food.  Include Salads, smoothie in your diet. Did I hear you say Dessert?? Yes, you can have that. I said too much sugar, not go completely sugar less. There are tons of recipes here: Aloha desserts. Pssttt do try Protein Pumpkin Pudding .

My favorites are Smoothies...filling, healthy!! YUM, serious Yum!! My quickest smoothie recipe: Banana+Apple+Dates+Icecubes= Put them in a blender = smoothie ready. Aloha, has tons of Smoothie recipes and other healthy recipes too.

Exercise: 1-2 buckle your shoes ( Or your Pink/ Purple/ Mint trainers :D ) !!! 
Whenever I hear summer body or fall fitness anything like that I’ll be here like “ Fitness is fitness and we need it all day, every day, all around year “ .  Nobody is telling you to go to gym, be there for 2 hour and turn into a gym rat. It’s that 30-45 minutes of cardio, walkingor Yoga or Pilates or authentic gym that’s all. The way workout refreshes your skin, makes it breathe and glow, nothing can beat that. Working out gives a peaceful mind, a healthy body, shooshes away the skin problem and you will rock every dress you will wear ;)

Skincare:  Products?? Get one or you can hoard. It’s an order !! 
Moisturizer is that that one simple thing which does wonders for your skin. Remember guys never let the skin dehydrate. Whenever I pack my bag I will skip the makeup but not face moisturizer, sunscreen, lipbalm and a eye cream. Just change the moisturizer depending on the weather/season.
Makeup is life, but having makeup on when you go to sleep will end up in lifeless dull skin. Now we don’t want that do we?? Simple makeup remover will do, follow up with the Facewash and then a moisturizer. And introduce face scrubs, exfoliaters in your skincare regime; it scrubs away the dead cells of the skin.
 If you are thorough in taking care of the skin half of the things are already done. In short I say that I depend on the skincare more for that glow than that of the makeup.

See these methods, steps are so simple. These will not only give you that gorgeous summer kissed glowy skin all year around, but also a healthy mind and a body :)

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What are your ways of cheving that Summer skin glow??  Do share

Live life to the fullest

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