Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte Magenta Magic : Review, swatches, LOTD

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The moment I think, “Okay let me go on a Lipstick buying Ban, so that I can enjoy the ones I have” Bamn!!!!! Brands start launching new lipsticks in the market at affordable rate and not to mention with the lovely dovely shades I cannot go wrong with. So uttering the same  “One more lipsticks before I go on a ban” I ended up adding 4 lipsticks to my kitty and one being Lakme Absolute Magenta Magic Lip Tint Matte .

Price: 650 INR for 3.5 g ( I got it for 420INR ).

My thoughts on Lakme Absolute Magenta Magic Lip Tint Matte :

*The liptint comes in a good ol retractable chubby stick having a matt silver cap with the same colored body as the shade of the Liptint. Good if you own more than one. The creme liptint which came in just now have glossy caps.

*Magenta Magic is magenta shade which does not come out like the other magenta shade I have. Okay, sorry for confusing you!! What I mean is though the shade is magenta it is more of Magenta with Maroon and wine hues. It does not look pink or purple on lips. The shade is Bold, bright yet not Over the top. I am not believer of day shade, night shade , party shade etc etc but I think this can be worn at any point of the day.

* Just like many bloggers have mentioned the first time I applied the Liptint, it tugged badly, it was not smooth at all, but from the second time onwards there wasnot any tugging problem. Though I dont find this liptints super smooth.

*It is wonderfully pigmented. One swipe deposits enough color. Since I have pigmented lips, after one swipe I go over lightly to make them look even.

* The finish is matte, not velvety, not creamy pure matte. It felt wee bit drying when I did not moisturize the lips. A properly exfoliated moisturized lip is a must.

*The shade stayed 6+ hours on me and left a pink stain afterwards. If you keep munching in between the intensity at the center of the lips might fade a little.

It comes more pink on camera

I will not be repurchasing nor will I be buying any other shades. Simply because there are many new launches which I have to catch on to including the creme version of these liptints. If you are okay with drying and exfoliation do try them out.These are affordable, matte lippies with the good staying power. Recommend. 

Have you tried this? Can you resist a affordable good quality lipstick? Do share

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