Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eye Shadow Palette : Review, swatches

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I read somewhere "Eyeshadow pallets are like watercolors for big girls " =)) . Its true!! Isn’t it? As a kid I would get excited looking at the watercolor palette and as I grew up  eye shadow palettes got me excited. Main intention of buying Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eye Shadow Pallet was that I needed eye-shadows to set colored Kajals. Without further ranting I’ll move ahead with the review.

Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eye Shadow Palette

Nicka K New York

Price: I gave 620INR for this from Flipkart ( Originally priced at 1800INR)


My experience with Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eye Shadow Palette:

Packaging: Simple see through palette which shuts effectively thus making it travel friendly. Comes with mandatory dual sponge tip useless brush.

Shades and finish:
Out of the 32 shades:
10 are blushes in those 3 are matte and 7 are slightly shimmery shades.
22 are eye shadow 3 are matte, rest are satiny , shimmery shades.
No shade contains glitter particles or chunky shimmers.

Click on the photos so that it opens up in the gallery, if I make the pictures more large it messes with the alignment. 
B= Blusher

Nicka K New York Eye Shadow Palette

Nicka K New York eye shadow

Eyeshadows India

eyeshadows palette India

Eye shadow Performance:
As you can see from the swatches some are overly pigmented where as some are medium and mattes don’t perform that well. But the shades are smooth and blendable. None of them are powdery. The rest shades are okay but the third row has least pigmented shades. The blues and the browns have very good pigmentation where as the greens not so much. Infact the browns are really good, one swipe on the lids and they look lovely. However even though blues show up well, on my skin they end up being blob of shimmers with very slight difference.

With the primers the shades definitely pop, but I don’t see much difference in the wear time. After about 4 hours the eye shadows start fading evenly, but in both cases there is no creasing. Only after about 6+ hours they crease slightly. Though while applying there is minimal fallout, you can see the fallouts as the time progresses if one does not use eye primer.

Eye shadows adhere well if the primer is used. Also I feel the undertones and the difference of the eye shadows are very well visible if primer is used.

Moral of the story: Primer is the must!!

Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eye Shadow Palette swatches
L= Without primer, R= With Primer

Blush performance:
The pigmented blush gives a nice flush to cheeks where as I feel some are in the pan for the sake of it. That lavender is not at all pigmented and you have to scrap it for it to show up on the finger. Forget cheeks and blending part. Some blushes are more like highlighter on my Dusky skin specially the third Row.Getting eye shadows out of that design is okay, but those blushes are pain. The pigmented one stayed 4+ hours on me. Honestly I have-not tested those shimmery blushes, They were either light for my skin or lacked pigmentation.

Blush India

Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eye Shadow Palette review

Conclusion, Final words and points to keep in mind:

Though in the pan/swatch, colors look like they are of different hues, but on my Dusky skin they almost look the same, more like add ons. I feel that unless and until you have the supernatural power of blending eye shadows and create looks out of them, more or less they are going to end up looking the same.

I am not disappointed, but not impressed with this palette either.

I got it for setting the coloured Kajal they are working well for that and the browns are well pigmented.

None of the eye-shadows have irritated my eyes and blushes haven't broken me out.

Who will benefit from this palette: 
Beginners, who are on the learning stage.
If you are looking for something to set Kajals like I was.
The one who creates different eye makeup tutorials on YouTube or blogs; they need a lot of shades.

If you want to wear these shadow outside you need an eyeshadow primer.

It is not worth 1800INR worth, I think the MUR eye shadows are much better.

If you are a beginner and want a good eyeshadow that lasts and lasts and you are not much into eyeshadows skip this, go for Inglot.

If you want this palette, buy it when it is priced less that 700 bucks and also keep all the points I have mentioned.

What do you think about this?

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