MUA Makeup Academy Love Hearts Lip Balm in "Kiss Me": Review, swatches, LOTD

Hello All :)

Okay I have confusion!! (Like Always)  
Some of these beauty products come in pot/tub!!! Unhygienic yet attractive!!! 
If it does not come in a pot it would not have been that cute to look at !!  
Consider hygiene or take a plunge in Cuteness???????
Damnnnn!!! You get it right?????

MUA lipbalm Love hearts lip balm in “ Kiss me” falls into the category of cute yet errrrr...unhygienic. Now let’s see whether this cuteness overloaded thing is worth ignoring the hygiene.

Price: 375INR for 10gms( I got it for 210INR, allways on discount) ,£2 , $3-$4 .

My experience with MUA  Love Hearts Lip Balm in Kiss Me: 
Packaging, I already ranted. Transparent base with white cap which has heart on it. The texture is buttery smooth. The moment you touch the product the lipbalm melts due to the warmness in your hand and becomes even more buttery. Extremely light weight  on the lips. It has Reddish pink tint. Tint is more than our regular lipbalm more like sheer lipsticks or glosses. Juicy plum healthy pouty lips :)

Performance: It stays on lips for about 2-3 hours. Lips continue to be moisturized for about an hour after wards. The funny thing about this is the less you apply the more it stays. If it is applied liberally in the greed of good tint, it not only vanishes fast but also ends up feathering a little. Weird huh??

My lips have this habit of going to SOS , dry parched , Sahara whatever you call that mode. Nothing works, literally nothing works other than one of the lipstick from Faces (More on that later) . But this gives that amazing relaxing feel to the lips. After the application lips don’t feel stretchy, its hydrated, its moisturized it does not burn. Just happy lips. That’s what I love about this.

It has no SPF and it does not hydrate the lips.

Apparently MUA Makeup Academy offers this type of lipbalm in six shades. I have only seen 4 of these in the Indian online portal. This “Kiss me" version is most pigmented out of that. It's one of the amazing lip balms I have used till now. I love love the feel of the lips after I apply this. I will be repurchasing the same shade, not really sure about the rest of the shades. If you are not that bothered about the unhygienic side of the MUA Lip Balm take a plunge. Recommend. 

Have you tried this? Does tub packaging bother you? 

Live life to the fullest

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