Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color - Antique Ruby : Review,swatches, LOTD

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Do you ever just look at makeup stuff and go like this:

This happened with me with this lipstick :D 
Even when I received it I dance around, took pictures and sent it to few

I'll confess!! The sole reason I bought this lipstick was the shape of it, without expecting anything from it. Without further ranting let’s move ahead with the review of Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color - Antique Ruby. 

Price: 350INR ( I got it from

My experience with Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color - Antique Ruby: 

Packaging: Adorable!!! Rectangular shape with molded edges. You twist the head and there you get the applicator. The Doe foot applicator is good, soft, helps in application. I have seen some international brands having gloss tubes like these but in India, I am seeing it for the first time !!! It easily fits in your jeans pocket, glides even in the smaller pocket.

Shade: Antique ruby is a Wine shade leaning towards Pink. On my lips it comes more on the Pink side which I liked because I have Lakme creaseless lipstick in Wine order which is a legit wine shade on my lips.

Pigmentation: Crazy!!! Single swipe and 100% shade is deposited on the lips. It is that opaque, I have uneven pigmented lips and it covers it well. Applies okay!! You might have to be while careful applying it, since I have bumble bee stung lips I get away with the application. Some of the liquid lipsticks apply patchy, not with this one.

Finish: Once you apply it, in a minute it sets into matte finish. Typical liquid lipstick.

Staying power:
Once the liquid lipsticks sets, it does not move around. No feathering as such. It transfers a little if you take a sip out of cups nothing major. But on  the spoons and straws it does transfer. After the lunch there is an uneven fading.  But touching up part is easy; there is no need to take off the lipstick which is left on the lips. Just fill in blanks...errr... I mean apply the lipstick where the colour is gone and you are good to go.
Honestly if you don’t eat, don’t talk or apply lipbalm on the top of it, it is going to stay on lips easily for 5+ hours. But things happen in real life =))

I am aware that I look powdery :P

Does not stain the lips. I wish it did at least a little.

Cons: Availability as of now, I have not seen them in real shops only online shops that too few.
They aren’t moisturizing ones. With the time shade fades little which is okay but lips feel a little drier too.

When I first saw them I wanted all the shades, but now I think I’ll settle with one. Only if I find them on heavy discount ill go ahead and buy more. People with dry lips might feel uncomfortable, if the lips are not moisturized. Skip it if you are not sure about this. For the rest if you are looking for a affordable liquid lipstick with crazy pigmentation and stays for good amount of time, try Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color - Antique Ruby. Recommend.

Something popped in my head right now... There isn't such thing as Oily lips?? isn't it?? :P

Quick recap: Wine shade leaning towards pink, sets into matte finish, have to apply it carefully, stays for 5+ hours, Fades unevenly, insane pigmentation and lips feel little dry if not  moisturized properly.

What do you think about this? Spotted it?

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