Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lip Balm Stains in A Stiff Pink: Review, swatches, LOTD

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This was picked up blindly as the name had Pink in it. The Day I received it, I was over excited, applied it immediately only to realize that the shade kind of washed me out. Applied another layer, ended up with neony bubblegum pink shade. To be honest I was heartbroken, all the way from Singapore and I ordered this shade: / . Roamed around the house for half an hour , looked myself in the mirror, errrr…. I was in for a huge surprise....

How I wish I had checked the reviews online when I was ordering this, want to know why, keep on reading.

Price: $2.99 for 3 gm / 0.10 Oz ( It came up to 300INR from Luxola.com) .

My thoughts on Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lip Balm Stains : 127 A Stiff Pink: 

Chubby twist up pencil, body and the pencil bum is color coded with the shade and comes with the transparent tight cap. Initially product was pointy now has lost its shape. Pretty nonetheless. Has no taste and scent. Gives a minty tingly sensation to lips on application. If you have used Revlon Bitten stain, just like those. The texture is super lightweight and just like butter. They glide that smoothly plus no stickiness.

The shade...Now the fun part starts.
A Stiff Pink is medium bright pink not too pale not too dark .The shade changes after the application like within 10 mins. It turns into more pinkie version of the shade which I loathe. These stains change the shade and then stain the lips even though they start off as sheer. I have uneven, pigmented lips, but lips look fine. Shade is buildable but won’t go opaque.

Lipstain stays on for 4+ hours on me, faded evenly ( If I don't have lunch) and did not bleed. After about 3.5 hours, lips felt a little dry, the finish had lost its shine and settled into matte finish, but the shade remained the same. At this stage if I top this with some Pink tinted lipbalm, the shade comes back to life and goes 5+ hours on me. Only center of the lips loose the shade after the lunch.

They do have cons: 
One has to exfoliate the lips beforehand; otherwise dry flakes will be accentuated.
I personally like stains, some don’t.
The change of shade, I liked the twist, according to Mum it's a dud. She was expecting the initially shade.
On initially application the shade is glossy sets into matte as I mentioned before. I have read in some blogs that some shades became little dull, but personally I have-not experienced any patchiness dullness with this shade.
They are not available in India.

My favorite way of using this is, one swipe of this under any of my Pink lipstick. This way my lips are colored for a longer time,  you know layering!!!

Wasnot able to capture the true shade.

Final words:
This lip stain is Epic. It stains, it changes its color is stays for a decent amount of time. Damn does everything which overpriced stains claim but fail to delivery. Ughh why aren’t they available in India easily. College goers, office goers..hell this will save many bucks which we spend on some brand in the hope of staining property. They do accentuate the dry patchiness if not exfoliated properly. But the price point changes everything.  I am trying to get one of the Vampy shades in these.
 Pop one of these into the bag whenever you get a chance. Recommend

Wet and Wild... Whats with the name: Stif Pink O.o

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Have you tried this? What do you think about these?

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