Rants+ Haul+ Confusion = My usual

Hello All :)

Have you watched those Youtube videos wear people where baggy jeans, hoodi, concealer lip balm and mascara and they magically look like princesses..yes,yes!!! Those videos.
I tried that hoodi thing during my travels,
I looked like a homeless beggar .. Legit homeless beggar!!!

Oh between Hello I am back :D I am back from my travelling, personal work and all that with the haul minus the posts. I have to sit and type now :P

On 20th August I dint have internet connection, so I dint update!!The Blog completed a year..lalalalala ( Happy Dance). Thank you all for the love and support :) Thanks for reading my rants and not getting bored and bearing it and my opinions about the products :) XOXOXO

Between all this Whatsapp Drama happened. I wasn’t receiving message and some neary dearis thought I blocked them!! ( Drama queen alert??? ;) ) Everything is back to normal now. Well almost except my Laptop, it's kind of losing it.

My mind is still on confusion about the Maybelline N*de palette. I mean I have the mother of the Nude palette which is the the Balm N*de tude pallet, but still a palette in India!!! From MNY!!! Usable shades!!! Maybe if I get it on a huge discount!!! .... the struggle is real!!! .

Some things I bought and hopefully I will be reviewing them soon:

Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eyeshadow pallete, Coloressence Liquid lipstick, Revlon matte lipbalm Shameless, Maybelline Gel liner, Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick in Black, Aroma Magic glow scrub, Aroma magic facemask, Lacto calamine moisturizer, Q tip, Garnier Oil in Cream, Face sponge, Cleansing cloth, Spinz Detan cream, Vaadi Khus Khus soap, Ponds BB cream, Naturs essence Night cream, Lotus Youth X serum, Fab India Epsom Salt and Sesame Body polisher.

How you all have been????
I have been reading the blogs and as I mentioned in my last posts tons at once :)

Live life to the fullest

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