Break Time : I Will be M.I.A for sometime

Hello All :)

Yes, I am taking a little break from the blogging scene. I have-not been very active since the last week that much. I have-not been able to reply to messages well.

Break?? Break from what? Are you a VIP?
No I am, I am just ordinary person. I have some travelling to do, some personal work to finish. So I decided to take a break than trying to read posts while on the go, writing when you don't want, scheduling a post is really not me.

Okay? Break ? How long ? 
My blog turns 1 on August 20th, Hopefully by then.

Going to stop Blogging?
Naa :)

Are you going to read blogs?
My days dont go without reading blogs. Definitely not daily, but loads and loads  of posts at once in 3-4 days.

I will definitely try to stack up blog posts Rajshree, but I cant promise. Between check out her blog Chic PeachyPink You'll get your dose of YSL to Milani to our Desi Fabbags ;)  I will be back, hopefully by the end of the August. Till then keep blogging. I am surely going to miss blogging as well as reading your lovely blog posts on daily basis :*

If you can contact me at :  or through the Facebook Page: FB page Click here

I will be back :)

Live life to the fullest

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