Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizers: Review

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During a random trip to Mc Donald’s  and looking at the tempo Hand sanitizers on the tables  reminded me that how much I hate the typical Hand sanitizers scent, that I can’t write about moustache( Don’t ask me about it!! I really can’t explain) and that there are some Hand sanitizers are lying in my storage which needs to be used.

I know I know this Hand Sanitizers aren't exactly a beauty product but I still want to talk about it due to my extra sensitive nose. I feel Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizers are going to be a good option for people with sensitive nose, as we don’t have many fancy options in India :(

Hand santizers

Price: 40 INR for 30ml

My Experience with Zuci Hand sanitizers:

* The hand sanitizer comes in a flipcap bottle and has that typical liquid gel consistency with the colored beads floating around. They usually come in different colors, like the Tulsi variant has green grass shade, basil has dark green.I had strawberry one which had pink beads.

affordable hand sanitizers

*Just like the color of the beads scent is different too. They smell like the variant mentioned in the bottle and no alcohol scent.

 *As soon as we take the product in the hand there is cooling sensation, product sinks in the hand in no time and since this has Vitamin E in them, it moisturises the skin.

*They are available easily in NewU stores and online stores.

Zuci Hand Sanitizers

During the trips I have used this to moisturise my hands at times. I am not saying that it can take the place of the hand creams, but you know during the emergencies!! I will be repurchasing them; as this is only hand sanitizer which my nose seems to bear. These Zucci Hand Sanitizers are affordable, does their job, moisturises the hands well,  minus the alcohol scent.There are many variants available too. If you have a picky nose like me or a normal nose do try this.  Recommend. 

What do you think about this? Do you have a picky nose like me? :P 

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