Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter : Review, swatches

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Highlighters are those shiny little things which makes your heart melt….I mean they are shiny, most of them are packed well and who does not want them.
Take Bobbi brown shimmer brick a makeup addict lusts over them.
I too wanted it and realized that I don’t have access to it, it is expensive and I will never end up using it.
Then comes Revlon Cheek Highlighting Palette
I wanted it; again realized that It is nearly 1000INR, I will never use it.
Then enter Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter
New brand for me but affordable; Exactly what I wanted.



With a little bit of digging I got to know that that Sivanna is a company from Southeast Asia!.  A drugstore brand which makes dupes of high-end cosmetics. There are 5 shades available in this range and I went for the Orangy-Pink sort of shade, which is numbered as 5. There are some international blogs which has swatches of all of them, refer them they are helpful.

Price: 750INR( I got it at 290INR from ) for 7gms

My thoughts on Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter:

Packaging: *Take a minute to stare at the beauty*. The Shimmer box came in a black cardboard box. Packaging is just like the Bobby Brown shimmer bricks. Sleek black glossy cover which has a transparent window , through which you can see the shades. Compact light packaging gives a luxurious feel. There is No mirror, No applicator I like it some may not. The lid has that click mechanism for opening and closing.

Affordable makeup

Texture and finish: Extremely smooth, no chalkiness and no powdery feel.

Pigmentation: One word: Insane!! Even the lightest shade is highly pigmented. There are 5 shades in it and I have numbered the shades:
1: Baby Pink shade almost bordering on pale pink white.
2: Light pink shimmer
3: Orange gold pink, almost Rose gold.
4: Similar to 3rd minus pink and more orange.
5: Dark tangerine type Orange.  In my words:  Orange Soda.
When swirled together we get a Orangy pink shade. The shimmers in it aren't gritty or obvious. When  the highlighter is swirled  together and applied on top of Orange/Coral blush it looks extremely pretty.

Budget highlighter India
Top to bottom

Staying power: Stays for quite a long time. After 3-4 hours my skin started showing it's true colour which is oozing oil, so I had to blot the face and touch up. But the highlighter din't made my face look super shiny or anything. Just the normal oil surface which I face everyday.

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter

I tried!! Okay???
Yes that's a mole and a birth mark on my cheeks, I don't conceal them :)

Each strip can be either used individually or swirled together. It’s a 3 in 1 product; it can be used as Highlighter, blusher and an eyeshadow. I have not mastered the highlighting yet but I could not stop myself from sharing this amazing product with you all. I might or might not  get another shade in this. It’s really really affordable, pretty, top notch quality and has long staying power. I could not find a single con in this. Recommend!!

Do you use highlighter? Which one do you have? What do you think about this?

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