Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon : Review, swatches

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Last month when Olay facewash got finished I picked up Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam which I had in mind from a long time. The reason is simple, I didn't wanted my skin to get used to my all time favourite Olay Facewash.

Price: 99 Rs for 50 gms.

Product claims: Exfoliate dead skin cells and clear out impurities from deep within your skin to reveal your naturally glowing skin with the Pond's Pure White Deep  Cleansing Facial Foam. The deep cleansing properties of this Pond's Face Wash remove even those deep-seated impurities from within your pores and keep your skin so  clean. The activated carbon particles in this Deep Cleansing Face Wash draw out impurities easily without over drying your skin.

My thoughts on Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon:

 *Comes in a Black tube with the Flip open cap. The tube is travel friendly, the cap shuts effectively. So effectively that sometimes it’s difficult to open it. The tube has all the information on the back of it.

*The Face wash is Grey in color and feels light like foam.

This amount is enough for 3 usage.

*This Face wash lathers likes there is no tomorrow with just a drop of water.Pea sized amount is all you need. It gets washed off easily too leaving behind cleansed face with the soft glow. Not the artificial “Look at me, I look almost like Casper glow"; glow which says that face is free of oil, grim and dirt.

* Long time ago I have used this face wash twice or thrice (Borrowed it from cousin during outing) and other face washes from Ponds and found them drying all the time, whereas this time I did not. Surprising actually, I don’t know whether the formula has changed or whatever, this change is really nice.

*It does control oil for sometime. Come on we all know oily skin will ooze oil no matter what you do, only blotting tissues and compact touch ups saves us.

*This has not broken me out and no bumps on the face either.

* Face wash does not have Parabens.

I really can’t think of any cons in this product. This is definitely one of the face washes I'll keep it in cycle of face washes I’ll be using. I really like how Ponds lived up to all the claims they made about this product, which is rare these days. I remember one of my friends with Dry skin not using Ponds face wash as they are little drying. So even this might not be for dry skinned beauties either. But for the rest, if you want a face wash which effectively cleanses the face wash without drying the face, this is it. Recommend. 

 Meanwhile the Olay face wash cleanser must be thinking:
I knew I knew this day will come, you get comfortable, you get bored and now you don’t want me. Great!!!  I know your answer its not you it’s me.. Go away waaaa!!

                                                                                        Dramatic yeah over dramatic!!

Have you used this facewash? Which facewash are you using currently??

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