Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Scent Nourishing Body Wash

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For me handmade bath soaps are a recent venture but I am  a thorough and thorough a shower gel/ body wash gel type of person. Shower gel can transform your bath time into your own “me” time with the aromas they have. Last month I picked up Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Scent Nourishing Body Wash as I have finished all my body washes ( I am not counting the “The Body shop” ones!!Okay??? ) . Lets see whether it gave me the Spa time which I look out for in the body washes...

Price: 160INR for 200ml.

Product Details:
Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Cool Moisture Body Wash is a refreshingly light sensation that’s an uplifting moment for your skin. The crisp, soothing scent of cucumber and green tea leaves a cool feeling of refreshingly hydrated skin. Dove makes your skin softer and smoother after just one shower (compared to skin before shower) with NutriumMoisture for more skin natural nourishment than most body washes.

My thoughts on Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Scent Nourishing Body Wash:

No fuss white bottle with flipcap: Check
Soothing cucumber scent: Check
Lathers well: Check
Refreshing:  Check
Uplifting moment for the skin: Check
Gets washed off the easily : Check
Skin softer and smoother after just one shower: Check
Post bath no icky sticky feeling : Check
Contains SLS but paraben free: at least one good thing : Check
I think this is how the testing person at Dove must have tested the product and added the description for it :D And these are the reasons why I liked this bodywash.

What could have been better about this bodywash:
Bodywash is light green in color - Looks like slime!!!
Lathers well with Loofah, without not so much !!
If Loofah is not used- A little more amount is required-Body wash will get over soon!!!

There is one thing in the description of this product which I don't agree with, which is.....
More skin natural nourishment than most body washes

Post bath you are left with the well balanced moisturised skin, not the moisture deprived skin. For normal skin moisturisation is enough. But not enough for me to skip the moisturiser for my extremely dry feet. If I don’t apply the moisturiser, the feet feel okay for about 2-3 hour then I get that stretchy feeling. Which is okay but nothing that I have not seen allready in other body washes.

I might not buy this again as there are loads and loads of body washes to try. But it definitely gave me that Spa time. The Dove cleanses the body well, with the soothing scent, does not dry out the skin and you are left with that refreshing feeling. I would not call it exactly new, but I know one thing that we all like to try different body washes every time. So this will not disappoint you. Recommended.

Have you tried this? Noticed this in the aisle of the bodywashes??

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