L'oreal Paris Moist Matte Limited Edition Swarovski Lipstick in Rasberry syrup: Blingy pink lipstick

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I got 99 problems and internet is one of them. That’s why  I have been very low on reading blog post, posting, replies, entering giveaways..Sigh!! My never ending problems with internet.  Anyhoo, It's said “Diamonds are girls best friend".  But I don’t prefer blings in everything.  Even when it comes to jewellery I like Oxidized metal more than crystals, Rose golds when it comes to watches.

But Gimme Lipstick with Rose Gold packaging, add Swarovski crystals to it and call it Limited Edition.. Damn.. It got my attention!!!

You might have seen L'oreal Paris Moist Matte Limited Edition Swarovski Lipstick around the blogs. Nothing really new about this. They are just a blingy pricy version of the Existing Loreal matte lipstick. They launched it during the Cannes 2015. Also, this isn't review or something. I have not owned original Moist matte so I can't really compare. I skipped Moist matte range completely when they came out due to budget issues. I had just bought a new cell phone and spent a lot on clothes back then.  And when they were on sale I was on a lipstick ban or something else caught my attention.

But Loreal Matte range Swarovski Limited edition lipsticks!!!  I could not let them go. To be on the safer side I picked up the Pink shade.

It's a gorgeous raspberry shade, comes as raspberry cross fuchsia on my pigmented lips. Nonetheless its gorgeous. I have worn them couple of times but not tested them. I have worn them for max 3.5 hours. They are moisturising; finish is matte; not uncomfortable matte; did not bleed; highly pigmented but needs a ex foliated lips to show the magic.

Price : 1099INR ( It’s on sale on shopping sites)

Well being from the Drugstore Brand these lipsticks are definitely on the pricier side.  Yup, I had to let go something else to buy this, but Happiness to own this: Priceless. If I can own one more these I will go for it. If the price not an issue, if you want to gift something for yourself something fancy or your BFF, I think it's an awesome option.

Special appearance: By Mum's Rose Gold Raga watch. It's from Eden garden collection and has Swarovski crystal in it.

PS: Spurge on myself from my hard earned money.

What do you think about this? Would you buy one for yourself? Do you like LE products?

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