LA Girl Pro HD concealer : Worth all the hype??

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When it comes to shopping of  
Shoes & Concealer
         I find myself helpless, heartbroken, disappointed. 

You see I am big foot. The cutie patotti shoes don’t look that great when they come in last size, the ones which look good will not fit my feet, when everything goes well, the prices will be in skies. If you have a big feet and troubled as I am.. Hugs to you Sista!! .

Concealer!! In India the drugstore brands comes up with 3 shades and they are suppose to match the vast skin tones. Heck, the 3rd darkest shade don’t even suit Medium skin tone :/

I have tried Mac concealer at store, I dint like the too perfect made up look it gave me for daily look. I have tried almost all the Concelaer in the Indian market except Loreal which cost 900 bucks. So finally gave up and decided to give a chance to raved $3 LA Girl Pro HD concealer .

Price: I got it for $2.99 ( Plus shipping through, I will share the experience with the website soon)

My thoughts on LA Girl Pro HD concealer : 

- The packaging is in squeezy tube form, which has brush attached to its head. So we are suppose to apply the product directly. But those brushes are hard and it’s very scratchy. Just a little squeeze, the required amount comes out, take it on the brush and apply it under eye, place which you want to conceal. The tube came sealed in plastic, ensuring that it has not been tampered with.

- The product is pigmented and the consistency is on the thicker side. Tiny bit concealer is enough, little goes a long way Also, these concealer sets real fast, so the blending job needs to be done quickly. My advice one eye at a time.

-Once applied it feels a little sticky, if one does not set it with powder. Also, if a little more product is applied under eye area might look shiny. After using it for 2-3 times , I got the hang of it and I only apply the required amount.

- I don’t have the deep dark circles; whatever I have this takes care of it. That being said it might not cover up major dark circles.

-Once set , concealer stays on for about 5-7 hours and is waterproof. The rains ruined my eye makeup but this concealer dint budge.

Things to be taken care are: We need to squeeze the tube lightly. If a little more product comes out, since the consistency is thick and product dries real quick, the brush applicator gets messy. I always try to clean as much as I can after the use.

The shades I have are: 
Fawn: Perfect match for my Dusky skintone. It has right amount of yellow/golden undertones.
Warm Honey : Bit lighter than Fawn. I can actually use it to highlight. I think it is going to suit medium skin tone better.

There are total of 18 shades. There is a high probability that everyone will get a match. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t  get one, just pick up 2 shades and you can customize according to your needs. There are tons of blogs with the clear swatches online.

Without Concealer- Dark circles came out lighter than what they appear in real

With concealer

I call this stuff a $3 Miracle. I dont think I have been this satisfied with any product lately.I will be getting a back up soon of the shade fawn and hence forth, my makeup kitty will allways have this concealer.  Try this if you are looking for a medium coverage, pocket friendly concelaer which stays on for a decent amount of time. Due to its thick dry texture, people with dry under eye area might find it difficult to blend. But nonetheless a good undereye cream can take care of it. Though it provides medium coverage, I think if you find the perfect match for your skintone it can do wonders. I say it's worth all the hype. 

Are you still waiting for the recommendation?? But still Recommended :P

What do you think about this? Which concealer are you using right now?

Live life to the fullest

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