Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow 452 Freedom system: Review, swatches

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Have you ever thought of buying Inglot eye shadow? The refill system? Have you ever thought of checking the swatches online??? I have and I feel it’s exhausting. No one seems to be owning  one pan plus those numbers.. ughh.  So after a lot of researching, memorizing the numbers, trying to understand the difference between round and square pan, I was tired. So tired that, I closed all the Google search tabs and ordered the one which appealed me. Blindly!!! Lol

The shade I have is Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow 452 from thier Freedom system. It's a shimmery coloured shade; I wanted something other than the matte brown and beige shade, which currently I feel I have plenty. Was my blind online shopping worth it??? You will learn it in a while.

Price: 400INR for 2.7 g

My thoughts on Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow 452 :

It is a burgundy shade with finely milled shimmer.

Square shaped pan holds enough product to last you a lifetime. Why I say that?? It's so so pigmented. Just touch it and your finger will get a punch of color.

The eyeshadow is buttery smooth, very top notch quality.

The shade shows up well on the eyelids, even without the primer. I have not experienced any fallouts and it blends like a dream.

I have tested the eyeshadow with and without the primer and I have not seen any difference in the performance. Max I have worn this is for 7.5 hour and I have not seen any creasing or fading of the color. Even though I own the authentic Eye shadow primer from Deborah Milano( Review here) unless and until its a long function kind of day I skip the primer. I feel it’s going to perform well even on oily lids.

This is how it comes on the lids

It gets off easily with the makeup remover, without leaving any shimmers behind. The shimmers do not travel around your face during the wear time also.

 Since the freedom system does not come with any outer cover, we need some sort of magnetic palette to store these pans.  But when Inglot is giving us an eyshadow with awesome quality, I don’t see a point in whining about the packaging. I’ll do something :D

I don’t know whether I will repurchase the same shade or not, as the shade selection is vast. But there will be will be many more Inglot's in my life. I cant wait to hit a Inglot store on my next visit to Banglore.

This shade can be used on any occasion , on its own, with other shades, for parties, with ethnic wear or casual outings.  If you are like me who are not much into colored eye shadows and still want some colored eyeshade  in the kitty, which is not in your face shade,  Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow 452  is a nice option. It's affordable, versatile shade which will suit every skintone , and has top notch quality. All I all I recommend this shade to everyone.  Now I see the hype around the Inglot eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is sooooo worth it :D 

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Flowers from my Mum's garden, pretty aren't they? :)

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