Maybelline Spring Summer Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB01 : For the Rebel in you

REBEL : A rebel is a person who stands up for their own 
personal opinions despite what 
anyone else says.

What this definition has to do with MNY Rebel boutique collection I don't know. What a Boutique has to do with the Rebel , that too I don't know. All I know is Maybelline Spring Summer Rebel Bouquet collection has a fresh set of products which are making everyone go cray cray, well MNY does that with their old products as well =)).

The Rebel boutique collection has total of 6 lipsticks, out of which I picked up REB 01. The collection has Pink, orange, coral and Red shade, very summery I must say. I wanted a change from Pinks, so went for this.

Price : 450 INR.

Lets move onto my experience with this lipstick:

The lipstick has a standard bullet packaging with the Reddish Orange cap and has twist up mechanism. Though the packaging looks similar to Bold matte range, the cap of matte range leans towards Pink and this one towards Orange. If you own a Bold Matte lipstick, you will know the difference.

The shade is Red with hint of orange. When layered a lot it looks Red with hint of coral on my lips. However in pictures it looks orangy than it is. There are golden shimmers in the shade. They are visible if you sit and concentrate on lips and bullet. It's not bothersome if you ask me neither they get left behind. Does not any have scent to it.

On one swipe enough color gets deposited on the lips, on 2-3 it's more noticeable. But I feel  it is only because the lipstick belongs to Red family, the rest definitely needs 2-3 good swipes .

Due to its creamy nature it glides on lips effortlessly. It's not super moisturizing or drying.

Once you apply the lipstick it's very creamy and then it sets to semi matte, after a while Matte. As soon as I applied it , I tried to blot it and the tissue got stuck on lips ha ha ha. So it's very creamy.

It stayed on 6+ hours on me, later it left a reddish tint. It survives light snacks/ Tea, it survived normal food. But the day I ate some rich food, the shade on the center lower lip faded a lot.

It transfers.

Bare lips: One swipe: 3 swipes

Some counters has only 4 shades with them. Make sure to go to the counter which has all the shades. Shade wise I don’t find much variation from the existing shades from other collection of MNY. But I liked the texture of this. As for me I might go for another shade in the range. It's different than Bold mattes, color-show lipsticks.  MNY Rebel Bouquet lipsticks are light on the lips, they scream summer, long lasting, they are bright and affordable. Do check them out.  Recommend. 

What do you think of this range and the Lipstick? Did you any lipstick from this range yet?

Live life to the fullest

PS :  This range is said to be inspired from the flowers. Call it weird, but this shade reminds me of Red hibiscus flower. Random I know :D

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