Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme, L'oreal Paris 20+ Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream : To solve my oily skin wooes

What a particular skin type person does:

Oily Skin: Wants a matte face for longer time so keeps buying product which claims to do so.
Dry skin : Keeps moisturizing the face well, wants a glow and dewy finish.
Combination skin: Always in a whole lot of confusion about products. 2 types of products for a single face :/ .
Sensitive skin/ Acne prone skin: Don’t want to apply anything on the skin either it burns or gives pimple.
Normal skin: They don’t believe that their skin is normal and some try hard to prove that they don’t have one.


I belong to Oily skin category. Keeping the shine out of my face is one of the goals of my life!!.In the quest of finding oil controlling products, recently I have ended up with the two products.
1. Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme ( 79 INR for 20gms)
2. L'oreal Paris 20+ Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream ( 99 INR for 18gms)

In summer I usually skip base makeup, even the BB creams and turn to creams which can keep the face matte, give some brightening effect and make me look presentable. I am dusky and I am proud of it. This post has nothing to do with the whiting claim or any other the claims by the company. It's not even a review. It’s about why I have been loving them lately and my experience with them.

Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme: This creme is baby pink in color and has floral scent to it. It feels a little watery to touch but when it comes in contact with the skin, it gets absorbed fast and gives a matte finish. As Lakme says creme powder finish, it sets exactly that way.

L'oreal Paris 20+ Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream: This cream has a very light pink tint to it and has a fresh berry scent. This cream looks heavy at first sight, but it isn't. It's light, gets absorbed real quick and gives me dream matte face.

Both these creams impart an amazing glow to the skin without making the face look dry. You know one of those creme/products which mattifys the skin but at the same time gives lifeless look to the skin. This continues for about 4-6 hours. I just work on area one by one and I am left with glowy matte face. Both of them don’t have any coverage, they brighten the face and that’s all I care about. Both have SPF in them which is another plus thing.

I have been alternatively using these 2. Regarding the Claims made by the Loreal , honestly I have not seem them. Just that outer skin looks smooth to look instantly and in the long run after using these. Over the time I have discovered that on me only serums work in evening the skin, fading pimple marks, bringing that inner  glow to face . I am not really ready to skip the serum. Creams are just for the outer skin to control oil.

 About repurchasing, well there is a villain in the story, which is a cream by Garnier. Which works exactly like these two, cheaper than two but does not have SPF. So at this moment I am not really sure on which one of these three I will be repurchasing. I will update soon may be here or in haul post.

As for the recommendation, if you have an Oily skin give it a try. They can keep the face matte. They aren't the very moisturing, but perfect for oilyskin needs. For a dry skin, well you need your regular moisturiser underneath , plus it might cling onto dry patches. I don't really recommend it. You can rather invest in a nice serum for the glow and to fade marks than layer on moisturisers, For normal skin, you are lucky and you can use anything I mean anything , your choice :p

Have you used any of these two? Which day cream are you using currently? Do share

Live life to the fullest

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