Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream : Made me forget conditioner, serum and all that jazz

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I can’t keep calm when there is new launch in the market. This is how my brain works most of the time. But I kept my calm when I saw this Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream for pre-order as well as when I saw it on the supermarket shelf. As I find hair care products for oily hair/scalp very tricky. You don’t apply serum, conditioner it looks like you hate your hair. You apply serum; styling products hair will hate you. But I saw a positive review on this newly launched product plus the dandruff removing shampoo I bought it recently does not have a matchy conditioner.  Perfect timing to try the product, lets move onto my experience with this.

Price: 50 gms for 35INR , 100 gms for 60INR & 200 gms for 100INR ( I have the 100gms one)


Claims of Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-In-Cream :

How to Apply Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-In-Cream :
Use it like any other hair oil.
• Massage into hair and scalp before hair wash. Oil in cream intensely nourishes your hair and transforms it.
• Use on hair lengths for manageability and styling after hair wash.
• Massage into hair and scalp and leave it overnight.

Packaging: Yellow Sturdy Tube with a Flip-Top Cap. Travel friendly, but mine is little faulty. Does not shut effectively, why me!!! :(

Texture and scent: The texture is creamy, not greasy as it looks. It's very light and felt like foam while applying it on the hair. It smells nice, fruity sweet. Does not linger for a long time, which I liked a lot.

My Experience with Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream:

Before the Hair wash: This way it does intensely nourishes the hair. I love how it lightly weights the hair in the right way, makes it manageable and keeps the hair frizz free, even on the second day.

As a styling product after the wash: When my hair started flying the way they wanted, just a bit of this helped in taming them. When the product is used in a little more quantity, the hair does look like it’s been oiled heavily but it goes away in an hour or so. Just a tiny bit is enough to style the hair.

Leave it overnight: While applying the product hair looked high on the product, but in the morning hair looked normal. After the hair wash, hair did look nourished but not as much when the product is applied immediately before the hair wash. But hair remained frizz free even on the second day.

The product gets absorbed in jiffy anyway you use it. It din't aid hairfall. Plus I think the dandruff in my hair is reducing faster with the shampoo combination. I have skipped conditioner, serum after I have purchased this. My hair isn't missing them and I have forgotten conditioner& serum completely now.

Using the conditioner after the shampoo, waiting for 5-10 mins in the shower while over thinking about life is really not for me. I am more of pre-condition the hair type of person. This product works perfectly that way for me. My favourite way of using this is 5-10 mins before the hairwash. Very different kind of product as well a first product of Garnier to work on me. It should work fine on any hair type.

I love how it defines the hair, keeps them frizz free and manageable without making the hair oily even on the second day while being affordable.  I see myself repurchasing a 200gms tube of this in the future. And I recommend this to everyone. It might make you forget conditioner and serum too ;)

What do you think about this? Would you give this a try?

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I cant keep calm, because there are new launches in the market yet to be caught :D 

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