The Fake MAC blush brush: Works????!!!!

A conversation happened almost year ago....

The Shop girl: This brush costs about 1300 in the market but I can give this MAC brush for 450INR for you.
It is sturdy it will regain the shape.
It is very soft..ummm...
And it is very soft.

Me : I know it's fake. Give it to me for 70 bucks and if you don’t want, don’t! I honestly don’t care, its soft so I want one that’s it. (Kept a straight face throughout)

The shop girl: No I am not giving it for 70INR, it's a real. It’s branded. I will not take one rupee less than 90INR. 

Needless to say I bought the brush, I knew it was 10-20 more than what this brush costed, but bristles were very soft and I wanted something from their? Where you ask? Nepal. I just wanted something for the sake of it. But I regretted about something the very same day.....

…..about not buying one more of it as it performed that well. I never bother to mention about it anywhere, because I never saw it anywhere until very recently. During my Mini trip to Goa last to last week, I spotted this brush at 80INR and I got it for 70INR. 2 days ago I spotted this in a local shop for 90INR. So these are everywhere...

The handle of the brush is sturdy and is made of plastic but does not feel like plastic, feels more like wood. The bristles are softer than many branded brushes. This brush picks up the right amount of product, blends them perfectly, can be used for contouring as well. I have used it for powders, works perfectly. I have washed it countless number of times, it regains its shape and has shed 1-2 bristles in an entire year. Plus even after using it almost daily it has never bothered to poke my face.

Yup, I don’t know how it is made or where it is made. But the quality is really good, better than even the Colorbar face brushes. For now I don’t need one, but if I spot them anywhere for 50-60 INR I might buy another one. If you spot them do give them a try, it won’t disappoint you.

What do you think about this? Are you okay about unbranded brushes or are you particular about brush brands? Do share..... 

Live life to the fullest

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