Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Brown : Bronzy Goodness or Meh?

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                 The Rimmel London counter in my city is in the Mall which is 5 minutes away from my home, but it is also next to PVR. So if I spot something, then take one or two days to think about the product, go back to the counter, it will be looted ( college goers)....just gone..Wooshh!!!  Now whenever I see something interesting in Rimmel counter I pick it up immediately. Plus Rimmel London products are affordable. Within 1.2K you can get about 3-4 quality which is really great. This is one of the product from the haul I did back in feb-March. ( Haul post here )

There was a time I would not even look at brown liners/Kajal until I met Lakme brown Kajal. Now I check for brown shade first in any range. Let’s see how this fared and whether it was able to make me ditch my beloved Lakme brown eyeconic Kajal.

Price: 315INR for 1.2gms.

My thoughts about Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Brown:

-This travel friendly Pencil is easier to locate in the stash as the body color is as same as that of the shade. Transparent cap is sturdy and shuts effectively. It's a sharpenable pencil so there is a  little wastage.

-The shade is not matte, it is Chocolaty brown with Bronze shimmer. It has an extremely creamy texture. It glides on smoothly on both lower and upper lash line without tugging. It is impossible to keep a sharp tip due to its creaminess.

- It is pigmented but on the darker lids it will take multiple swipes but still won’t stand out.

- It takes about 1 minute to set; Once it is set does not budge. Only if you vigorously rub it the shimmers travel here and there. But then who is going rub the delicate eye area with that much force, isn't it? On the lower lash line, 3-4 shimmers do travel, but they don’t make it far. The shimmers remain near the corners of the eye, just a little under the eye after 3 hours, again just 3-4 shimmers not the entire army, provided you don’t keep touching your eyes.

- This pencil can be used as an eye shadow as well. Since it takes about minute to set, it gives you enough window time to put your spin on it.

- Performance wise I am pleased with this. On the upper lash line it stays on and on till you remove it. On the lower lash line about 3-4 hours, same as those liners which are priced at almost double the price of this pencil.

- Does not need a special makeup remover or something. Cleansing milk is just fine.

- Shimmers do irritate my eyes but the shimmers in this did not irritate my eyes. But I have read it somewhere that it did irritate someone’s eye.

- It's waterproof.

Main question, Did I like it?

Black Kajal’s  has this charm to it, whether you have a complete makeup on your face or nothing at all, they add that charisma to the face. Whereas this fails in that criteria. It's a gorgeous Khol/eyeliner which puts together the entire look ( like a neutral khol) when there is something dramatic/heavy shade on the upper lids or heavy smoky kholed eyes on the lower lash. But on its own it does not work. I made my Mum to try this out , even she shares the same opinion and she has a fair skin tone.

Rimmel Khol on the waterline

Trust me I have seen this pencil like thousand times to make my self believe that it is named as brown and not Bronze :/  I will not be repurchasing or recommend this shade to anyone. Buy it only if you have the requirement which I mentioned above.  If you have an extremely sensitive eyes, stay away from the shimmery shades from this range, try their matte ones. Availability is definitely an issue just like any other Rimmel product, but if you get a chance do try the range. For me it’s not even in the competition with Lakme brown Kajal.  I recommend this range but not this shade.

What do you think about this? Ever tried this?

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