New Lakmé Enrich Satin Lipsticks Review : Bright, Funky and Creamy

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                   Lakme enrich lipsticks range have some gorgeous shades, I mean the old range. You should see the pinks they offer, so pwetty!!!  But along with that they also offer  the old maroon packaging, which almost all of us hate. There was one more reason I would not go near them, the old range would not stay even for 1.5 hour on me :/ I kept neglecting this range with heavy heart . Finally Lakme buckled up, changed the packaging, bought some bright colours out ,increased the staying but without changing that creamy dreamy lovely texture.

After running from one Mall to the other, checking through 7 counters, surviving foolishness of one SA, I picked up two shades from the range. Which are  P168 and P165 , Let’s see how it fared: 

Price: 260

Packaging: Twist up type packaging, the bullet can be seen from the top and shade number is mentioned at the bottom. The cap shuts tightly and is travel friendly. The silver look really stands out.

Scent: Candy scent, candy which we used to get in shops about 15 years ago. Sweet syrupy scent exactly like old ones.

What I think about P168 ? 

It’s a typical purple, berry shade which I pick up from every range. This shade has the ability to brighten up the face specially if you belong to medium, dusky and deeper skin tone. It's creamy, glides on smoothly, one swipe on lips and you are done. If you swipe it more than once ,on the lips the purple shade becomes more prominent and it looks more like a deep purple lipstick yet does not look vampy (Love <3) . Since the shade is darker it stayed on 4+ hours on me. Then leaves a purple berry tint on the lips which goes away with the makeup remover. My fav shade among two .

What I think about  P165 ?

It's corally bubble gum pink shade, which glides smoothly. Even this covers the lip pigmentation in just swipe. This stayed 3+ hours on me, leaving a light pink tint behind. I felt that this lipstick is little patchy compared to P168. Though lovely shade, I was disappointed with this. One swipe, my face looks pale; two swipes, I look like a clown. According to me this suits lighter skin tones more than the deeper/dusky tones. I have to tweak a little here and there by adding darker lip liner to make it work. Again nothing wrong with the lipstick, just does not suit my skin tone.

Will I repurchase: Only if they introduce some other shades in the future.

They have introduced 10 new shades. Out of ten I found only two shades  which is P172 and one more weird. One is pale milky purple color and the other was a blob of shimmer.  Also I felt that these will look lovely on lighter skin tones and will be little neonish on dusky and deeper skin tones. So check the tester’s before buying them. They both transfer because of creamy texture. New Lakmé Enrich Satin Lipsticks are affordable, creamy with the decent staying power, looks funky and have bright shades. Recommend. 

What do you think about these? Bought them yet? Do share

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