MAYBELLINE Color Show : Go Graffiti with GREEN GRAFFITI

Hello All,

                  After gazillion photos, trying to hold the nailpolish bottle in the hand, nearly destroying it, I gave up. I can’t do this nailpolish in hand and take photos at the same time..uff.. Hats off to people who take pretty pictures. Its an art :)

Maybelline Rebel boutique Spring Summer collection is here... This Green graffiti is one among them. There are total of 9 nailpolish; 3 of them have jelly type colored base, the rest have graffitis over clear base. Being a lazy type that I am this coloured base was a obvious pick. The blue and lavender one dint appeal me that much, so I picked up the green one.

Price : 145INR

It needs about 2-3 coats to be opaque or to be noticeable,  no funky smell, dint take too much time to dry either. Green graffiti has a Yellowish green color base which has Blue and orange hex dots in them along with the small white dots.  I saw a little chipping near the tip on the 4th day and little fading of the shade. Then I had to go out, I applied another coat to freshen them as I dint have time to you know take it off, apply base coat, choose color....all that drill.

Today when I was trying to do something with the nail, they peeled off like wall oil paint from the nails. I think it was because of too many layers of the nail paint, but I was happy though.

I am not really into graffiti, glitters and sand finish nail polishes. But looking at the price I just could not let them go. I feel nailpolish shades are personal choice, some like shimmery, some pastel, some are into serious nail arts.... But I am happy that Maybelline bought them out at affordable rate, so that people who love them can enjoy them without shelling out too much. I might up pick up the lavender one soon as they look beautiful on nails. Do try one of these. Recommend.

What do think about these? Bought them yet?

Live life to the fullest

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