Fair and Lovely BB Cream : Do you need this in life?

Hello Gorgeous :)

When our oldest “Fair and Lovely" brand came out with BB cream, I knew it is going to be dud as I did not have a very good experience with this brand.. But curiosity struck me... I kept thinking

                               Fair and lovely and BB Cream???  What can it do?

                       So many one shade BB creams in the market, nothing different.

                                    What if I try one, it's not that expensive !!

                        No no!!! You have seen Shreya's demo video, don’t get it!!!!

Only problem here was my thoughts, were out loud and annoyed my Mum :P When I finally saw this in the supermarket she said " Buy this and Move on with your life " ..bwa ha ha ha ha =)) That's how this came home with me; let's see whether I needed this in my life or not.

Price: 49INR for 9gms (  79INR for 18 gms, 159INR for 40gms I think ).

Product Description: The new Fair and lovely BB Cream is an expert and intelligently made product that helps to bring the magic of foundation and multivitamin fairness cream in a single tube.

My experience with Fair and Lovely BB cream:

The tube is strong and travel friendly, I find it kewwwttt. It has a white screw cap and nozzle type packaging to ooze the product when squeezed. BB cream comes in a single shade, which is n*de. Like they have mixed one drop of foundation with the potful of cream =)) .

The cream is neither thick nor runny, but I think it is going to be difficult to blend on Dry skin. Scent wise it has the typical fair and Lovely Floral scent, it's not bothersome.

I took a tiny amount, dotted it on the face and massaged it, actually it was not bad. Next time took a little more, ghost wannabe was in the house. A little amount is enough to cover the face. It is going to suit only fair skin tone very well; on darker, deeper skin tone it will leave a white cast. I would say very artificial look.

It has low or almost no coverage, it could not cover even the almost faded pimple mark, forget blemishes, under eye area.

Once I applied it, my face felt and looked matte. The matt effect was lost within 2 hours, later face does not turn oily but kinda looks dewy. It’s definitely not for Dry skinned girls.

It did not break me out, no bumps on face either.

•       It has SPF 15, better than nothing.

It’s not a complete useless product for me as I have found out a way of using this. The Loreal True match foundation I have is little darker for me. On mixing the foundation with the BB cream, it's giving me the desired shade without loosing the matte effect. So I might repurchase this if I require this to mix it with the foundation.

The funda of this BB cream is to leave a white cast on the face in the name of brighting, to give that instant fairness thing. If you are fair, have spotless flawless oily skin it's going to suit you. For the rest it's a waste. I am not completely disappointed with this but it has not impressed me either. One can move on with their life without this BB cream. 

What do you think about this BB cream? Want to try it ? Do share

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