Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal : The "Cutie"

Today's review is about Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal...

Product claims: Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal Is Soft For Easy Application, Does Not Smudge, waterproof and is lead free. Gives Your Eyes A Cooling Effect and is long staying.

Hold on a second... Did I rant about where I got the product and how my face looked like when I spotted this Cutie? These local shops are the Bomb, they have all the travel size products, samples, sachets under the sun plus all those nail art things, affordable products even from the Top brands. I usually come out with many sachets and some or the products in hand. This was one of products I spotted at Local beauty center.  I was sold for its cuteness and my face lit like a bulb :D

Price: 125INR for 4grms.

Shelf life: 36months.

My experience with Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal : 

Packaging: The Pot holds the product and the cap need to be unscrewed to reach out for it. The brush is attached to the cap, which can be pulled out, you know like one of those gel liners. The brush is gentle and does not irritate the eye. Literally they have given pot full of product. It neither looks cheap nor fancy. The packaging is travel friendly and sturdy.

Pigmentation: Jet Black.

Performance: Though Jet black, it needs 2 swipes to be noticeable on the waterline. If brush picks up too much product one swipe is enough.

- When I applied the Kajal and left just like that, it smudged within half an hour.
- When I swiped the Kajal twice and set it with eyeshadow/clear powder, till 1 hour there was no smudging. After  that it smudged , eventually faded.
- When I swiped 4-5 times to get intense finish, it smudged faster.
- When I applied the primer under the Kajal and set it with an eyeshadow, the Kajal was intact for a long time. After about 3.5 hours there was smudging.

* When I held my hand under water, the Kajal did not budge it passed the waterproof test. But when I splashed the water on the face, The Kajal started melting and soon I was a Panda. Does all this happen only with me? :O

* I dint even need a makeup remover to remove it, I touched it and it’s gone.

For now I am using this Kajal for my short trips, running errands or when I am at home. Even if I use it often this isn’t going to get a dent that soon. This caught my fancy and I wanted this. I was not expecting anything from this.  I actually liked the effect it gave to the eyes, when the Kajal was set with an eye shadow. It goes with the ethnic wears. I know there are many who like the smoked smudged Kajal effect, this Kajal is for them.

 But this definitely isn't one of those long staying Kajals or for a long day.  Also, we have plethora of Kajals which cost under 200 bucks, which can also be used as an eyeliner which lasts upto 8+ hours. Whereas this is an average Kajal with low staying power, smudges and does not double up as eyeliner.  Agreed that Kajals smudges faster on me than others still this Cutie isn't really worth your money.

What do you think about this Kajal? Have you ever spotted this anywhere? Do share....

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