VLCC Almond Skin Defense under-eye cream : Does it work or just another eye cream ?


You know, it took me years not to mention not in a good way to understand that the drier the skin darker and unhealthy it appears. Now, I always look out for the products which hydrate the skin well and make them look nourished. Half of the skin problems are solved by that way and the rest depends on our lifestyle diet.. etc etc. The affordable the product, the better. Even when it comes to eye creams I have the same requirement: Eye cream which hydrates the eye area well.

So when I wanted one I opened up my wish list, saw VLCC Almond Skin Defense under-eye cream topping the list and ordered it online. Did this work on me? You will learn that in a while.

Price: 190 INR for 15 ml/0.51 fl. oz ( I got it for 160INR )

What VLCC say about the product:
The VLCC Skin Defense under-eye cream is a suitable choice for those looking to get rid of dark circles or puffiness under the eyes. This cream tones and firms the eye area.

Active Ingredients:- Chamomile Extract, Wheatgerm Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D-panthenol.

My experience with VLCC Almond Skin Defense under-eye cream: 

Packaging: The eye cream comes in a tub packaging with the screw cap. The tub is made of plastic and it is travel friendly.

Texture: It's white in color and has air whipped butter like texture. It looks heavy in the tub but it isn't so when you touch it. A tiny amount is enough to cover the entire eye area. Has a mild smell, nothing bothersome.

I apply it and massage it in a circular motion, in seconds the product gets sunk into the skin. I apply the cream twice; in the morning as well as before going for bed. I have tested it under the concealer and it works fine. It does feel little sticky if a little more product is taken and not massaged properly. But after using one or two times one will learn how much product is required.

Now what it did , surprised me and left me all "OMG, eye cream thing actually works ". Until I used this eye cream I have not come across any eyecream which has lighted the under eye area or the lids. It not only reduces puffiness but lightens under eye area and lids as well. Since it hydrates the under eye area well no visible fine lines.  Double Yay!!!

I dint have major Dark circle, just that under eye area and lids were one shade darker than the face. In just three works of using the cream, lids and under eye area is just bit dark now. Sadly I don’t have any before photos, because I never thought this is actually going to work.

Will I repurchase: Yes, I will.

Will I recommend: Yes.

As I mentioned earlier all I wanted was a hydrating eye cream but VLCC Almond Skin Defense under-eye cream turned out more than that. Yeah it does come in a tub packaging which is not hygienic. But companies never stop the tub packaging so I am used to it now. Other than that there is nothing wrong in this product. If you are okay with its incomplete ingredient list do give it a try. Even if it does not work this will not fail to hydrate the eye area and it is affordable. Recommend.

Have you used this? Which is your current eye cream? Do share....

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