Review of 3 new shades of Maybelline Colossal Kohl

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Seriously I don't know what's bad no internet or slow internet. I have not been able read posts, reply to comments, upload post quickly. Since there was some work going on near my house, I was not able take pictures either. Suddenly you are centre of attraction for the kids who don't know what's going on and the workers who does not want to work .. Ughh... I was just frustrated over the weekend. I am happy that review of these 3 new shades of colossal kajal is finally here.

Crushed Emerald, Smoked silver, Jewelled Jade

You might have read the first impression post of these now lets move onto my experience with these:

Packaging: They come in original yellow twist up packaging but sans outer packaging and the seal, somewhere I read they came with thin strip of plastic, none of mine had it ( Scary!! ). They all look the same, but because they have MNY khol written on them in the corresponding shades you don't have to squint your eyes to read which shade are they ( unlike Lakme!! ) .

Price: 249INR for 0.35gm.

Performance: The Smoking Silver has a in between smoother and harder finish. The rest two have little hard/dry texture. All the three glides on smoothly, they don't tug or irritate the eyes. All of them need about 3-4 swipes to show up on the eyes and stay about 6+ hours. They stay intact on the upper lash line and fades mildly on the waterline. They are smudge proof, waterproof and needs a makeup remover to remove them completely.


Smoked silver: Usually silver khol/liners are in your face , they are obvious that they are silver. Whereas this is beautiful mixture of silver and grey with blue undertone .

Crushed Emerald: Deep forest green.

Jewelled Jade: Matte bluish Jade. Mum said that it is peacock blue. It’s different than and not as blingy as Turquoise one.

Though swatches look different, according to me Emerald and Jade look similar to each other on the eyes.

I honestly don't believe that there is something called as office appropriate makeup. Of course who will wear shimmers all over the face for office, but a little color on the eyes wont hurt. I want to know who started that wear browns and n*de shades to office :@ . Here I have applied the khols only on the waterline.

Will I repurchase: Tricky question... By the time I finish this Or will I ...ummm I might .

Will I recommend : Yes. Affordable fun khols.

Availablity : Maybelline counters,,

Its the Crushed emerald which lured me into checking out the collection. Upon checking all of them I realised that these are what I exactly wanted so picked up all the three. If you want a change in the daily routine without opting for colored khols give Smoked silver a chance. Lakme colored Kajals are more pigmented than this. Only difference since they have black undertone to them they look more or less like black kajals, whereas colossal have a metallic sheen to them. At 250INR with the decent staying power I dont think there is point in whining that these aren't unique shades. Recommend. 

Now all I need in my collection is a purple Kajal? Any recommendation???

Which one did you liked the most? Do share

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