RADIANCE by StudioWest Aloe Vera & Green Apple Body scrub : Yummy Stuff !!!

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Four years ago, During the first few months of my Job, a wise man said "Fools are everywhere, don’t let them bother you but don’t let them get you, you might miss out on good things" . I understood the words. That’s it. It was just recently that I understood the true meaning of it.

Coming to 2015 March first week ,when I entered West side what do I see? The snotty SA protecting the skincare counter isn't there ( She was standing in the corner, saw it while billing) though SA's from other counter who giggle at others as usual , were still there.  But this time, I did go near the counter,  picked this scrub up, Billed it, came home, used it and fell in love with it. Boy! I am glad..

RADIANCE by StudioWest, it has range of bath & body products, scrub, facewash, Bath gel, body butter and soap. I don’t know the exact price of each, but all of them are priced under 499INR.

I saw 3 variants in scrubs which had skin type written on it:
Honey & Strawberry: for normal skin,
Aloe Vera & Green Apple: for sensitive skin
Almond & Peach: for dry skin
Then there was something from Rose and Jasmine, they dint interest me and my nose hates all those.

What did I pick? I have normal skin. The Aloe Vera & Green Apple range pleased my nose that’s the reason I picked it up.


Price: 399INR for 230gms.

My experience with the Body Scrub:

Texture and smell:
The texture is like a thick smoothie from a Fast-food joint with a granular like thingy which you get it in every sip. Every time I see this scrub in the tub I just want to dip my finger in it, swirl my finger around, take some product out and taste it!! Why do these scrubs, bath products have to be this yummmmyyy!! Ugh.

The scrub texture is something like I have never used before. This cream based scrub is creamish/light yellowish in the color and has walnut granular for scrubbing purpose. The granular are mild; initially I doubted its ability to scrub. But it proved me wrong. Phew!!

Smells amazingly well like Green apple scented candy. If you love apple scented anything like apple drinks, candles you are going to love it.

Performance and how I use it: 
I take small amount at a time, apply it on the skin, massage it, leave it for 5 mins or so then wash it off.  It effectively yet mildly scrubs away the dead skin and gives a smooth and plum skin. It works best on wet skin and it spreads with ease.

It moisturises the skin really well, so much so that for my normal skin it’s a little more on humid days. Nothing sticky types but still I have that “there is something on the skin” feeling. I have skipped moisturising my dry feet and it dint feel stretchy at all for hours and hours together. It moisturises the skin that well. Dry skinned beauties are going to love this.


It comes in a tub packaging ( Boo hoo) and does not come with any applicator. It has a screw type mechanism and cap shuts effectively. The packaging is travel friendly.

There was no seal or plastic covering on the lid, but when you unscrew it for the first time, you know that its new. Once you open the lid, the new pack had double sealing. The outer one was a silver foil thing and inner one is a transparent plastic making sure that product is fresh and is untouched. Many companies need to learn from this.

Will I repurchase: Yes I will. I will be sniffing the other variants again; if something pleases me I might try that as well.

I know it has the chemicals but it pleases my nose and it is affordable. I am really enjoying using it and happy that because of this TBS Raspberry scrub is getting saved. Ha ha. Raspberry scrub is one more yumilicious scrub between.

Normal skin: It might be little heavy on an extremely humid day. But do try the normal skin variant.
Dry : Totally recommended. If you are okay with its ingredient list do try. It’s a treat for your skin.
Oily skin: It’s going to be heavy.  May be during the winters.
Sensitive skin: If the ingredients in this is not going to irritate you, get it. The granular are very mild. But as far as I know sensitive skin doesn't take any chemicals well. Not really recommend.

Every time when I would check the details of the scrub the SA's would giggle and make fun of me. Ignorant people don't bother me, but I started avoiding the skincare counter. I cannot deal with such people, I just ignore them. But it also kept me away from trying out this amazing stuff. Now I understand "Fools are everywhere, don’t let them bother you but don’t let them get you, you might miss out on good things " .

What do you think about this scrub? Ever tried it? Which is your favourite scrub currently? Do share

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