Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Styler (White/Pink) : Review, price, Pictures

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On a daily basis my hair is never in place they are always a big mess. Honestly I don’t even care and I like messy hairstyles,  but sometimes during weekends and for functions you need to look polished and hair matters. That’s the reason I picked up the Philips Air Styler. This Airstyler is my hair's bae!! My thin wavy hair has been loving this miraculous product. I am not very good at explaining the functionality using the words so I have added pictures with the description. Hope it will be helpful.

What Does Philips say about the product:
Two flexible heat and speed settings for more control, 650W for beautiful results, Paddle straightening brush for naturally straight looks, 1.8 m cord for maximum flexibility, Best drying temperature with Thermo Protect temperature

I have read tons of reviews online before purchasing this product. Almost all of them have been useful. However since many of you guys are interested to know how this works, here goes my take on it:

Looks and Mechanism:
Philips has picked up the prettiest combination to make this product, which is pink and white. The paddle brush can be separated from the dryer. The paddle brush is hollow; it has long bristles with round ends. The brush has gaps from where the air blows out. It has 2 levels; Cold/thermo-protector and hot.

What exactly needs to be done:
It works best on towel dry hair. Dripping wet hair will make a mess, even the company says use it on towel dried hair. So towel dry the hair, attach the two parts, plug the cord into power socket, select the level and paddle the brush just as you comb the hair. Minutes later, say hello to fabulous mane!!

Does it work on all the hair types?
If you take this as a blow dryer it is going to work on all hair types, long , short, thin, wavy, curly, thick all. Now the straightening part, if you have thin wavy shoulder length hair, this product will give semi-straight, soft and bouncy hair. If you have thick wavy hair it might not give a semi straight effect, but it will still make the mane look good. Just that blow drying is going to take a longer time. Curly/Extremely curly hair it’s not going to give a straight hair but you can blow dry the hair without hassle.  My thin wavy shoulder length hair takes about 6-10 minutes to dry.

Does it make the hair dry? Frizzy? What happens after the hair wash?

I usually apply hair serum before using this and the mode I choose is thermo-protector/cold. It has not dried my hair and has not given frizzy hair. I have tried using it without hair serum also and it did not dry out my hair. Even after the hair wash, hair remains smooth. Since the gaps in the paddle brush blows the air, the heat coming through them is much lesser than the normal blow dryer.

Only in photos the hair is looking a little dry. Don't know why!!
Price: 1695INR ( I got it for 999INR from You can buy it from here: Buy here .

Don’t expect this to do the work of the straightner or a professional blow drying effect.  You know the one where a stylist works with 100 round brushes with blow dryer. It's a fancy blow-dryer. Since it has that paddle brush, the work becomes easy and it gives a manageable tangle free, frizz free hair. Which continuous even on second day.  Plus, very less heat to hair while drying. Do try this hassle free, less time consuming Airstyler compared to the normal ones. Recommend.

What do you think about this? Planning to buy it? Do you have any styler like this with you?

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