Maybelline The Colossal Liner in Black : One word " Awesomesause" .

Hello Gorgeous,

I wanted to stay away from Maybelline for one month, just a month, but one cannot stay away from Maybelline products for even month, isn't it? Every month I end up buying something from MNY. This time Maybelline is back with another great product (as usual) which is Maybelline The Colossal Liner in Black. I have tried Maybelline The Colossal Kajal and the Mascara, I think most of have. So when Maybelline launched this liner, what did I do? I ordered it, without delay and without reading any review.

Price: 425 INR ( I got it for 375 INR ) .

So without further delay let’s move on to the review of it: 

-When I opened the liner for the first time, there was a typical cosmetic alcohol smell. That was it, now I don’t detect any smell from it.

-The tip reminds me of sketch pen, gives a great control. It is pointy; neither too hard nor too soft, does not irritate eyes and is capable of giving thinner and thicker finish. For thicker finish the liner needs to be tilted slightly.

-It's the blackest of black and gives opaque finish in just one stroke.

-The liner dries quickly and gives slightly glossy finish. While applying the liner it looks extra shiny, but it isn't when it dries.

-I have not worn it not more than 6 hours. By the end of the 6th hour there was a slight fading and looked like the liner would have stayed for another 2 hour.

-I have worn this while working out to test, it did not budge. It's like you don’t touch or rub your eyes it stays on but if you rub your eyes, it vanishes.

-It is smudge proof but not waterproof.  Splash of water and a rub, it’s gone.

Will I repurchase: I will.

Will I recommend: YESSSSSS !!

Availability: It's easily available across the counters and online. If you are ordering this liner online, order it from Amazon as there is free shipping, no minimum order amount and you can opt for COD.

I am not into glossy finish still I am loving it. I sometimes apply a Kajal over this lightly to get a complete matte finish. Personally I prefer non waterproof products for everyday use as it is easy to take off and not much stress on skin. If you like a complete matte finish or waterproof liner it isn't for you. But still there is no harm in trying this beauty, as it is affordable and does its job very well.

One question for Maybelline: Why you no bring this before????Why? Why?

Have you tried the liner yet? Tried it? Loving it? Do share....

Live life to the fulest

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