L'Oreal Pure Rouge : Here are the reasons why you need one for yourself.......


These L'Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection are the fastest to reach the blogs, fastest to reach counter and even fastest to be on 20% off. Sigh!! Straight away if they would have priced at 700 or something, many of us would have bought many of these. Anyhoo, when they launched the collection I was excited about this particular shade. You will learn the reason in a while.

If you are planning to buy this lipstick and has some questions regarding it, like I did, here is what you need to know about this lipstick:

Price:  995INR. I got it for 796INR from Purple.com . They are on off on every other site.

Shade:  Deep neutral Red.

Is it Opaque:  Yes, One swipe and the bullet color is deposited on the lips.

So it's opaque, does it transfer: Once it's set, very little. Like when you sip a Tea/Coffee the cup will have a very light redish pink tint on it.

How long does it last?  It will last for 6 hours and plus. If you don't eat, don't sip anything in between 8+ hours.

Does it leave a tint?  Yes. Makeup remover will easily remove it.

Does it survive a meal ? : It survives normal home cooked/ healthy food, fades a little. Very rarely lipsticks survive an oily greasy / function food.

Lipstick finish : Velvety .

Is it drying ? : Not extremely. If you do not moisturise the lips, after 2-3 hour lips feel dry. Nothing major that a lipbalm can't take care of.

Is it like Ruby woo?:  Not completely, on me it's a 80-90% match like Ruby woo. Sometimes it looks exactly like Ruby woo and under sun looks little orangish.

Swatch Comparison with Ruby woo: I lost my Ruby woo during a trip to Nathu La Pass. I cried then, I want to cry now.

Is it going to suit me? It's going to suit EVERYBODY.

Travel Friendly: Yes it is. Sturdy, classy packaging.

Will you repurchase?  Life is too short to repeat lipsticks, there are gazillion lipstick waiting to be tried and even brands themselves know that and introduce new stuff every now and then.

Will you purchase any other shade? :  Is it limited edition or something? Answer will depend on that question.

Will I recommend? : Yes. Please don't be on hurry and lookout for best offers.

Is it worth the Money? : Yes, it is.

Last  one, is lipstick application really that difficult?:  No it's not. It might be little tricky at first due to bullet shape, but it's lipstick application, not rocket science. You will not end up like Miranda sings okay? Miranda who?

Miranda Sings:

 I live in a MAC store less city, so as of now I don't own any MAC product. I did a few in the past and RubyWoo was one of them. I wore Maybelline Lippolish Glam 6 during the visit to Nathu la Pass. Why I carried RubyWoo along with me, is still a mystery to me.But in all that snow, beauty of place, clicking pictures, with almost frozen hands RubyWoo slipped from the bag. Don't know where, but it did slip. The lipstick drama happened as soon as I realized it :( Rubywoo is Rubywoo. But at this point this is like a affordable version of Rubywoo for me and I am happy with it.

One of the pictures clicked during the trip
Eyeing on any shade? What do you think about these lippies?

Live life to the fullest

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