Dalan d´Olive Showergel :Does it give 24 Hour Moisturization?


    How you all have been? I have caught cold, my internet has become lazy and attended a function  last week. I feel that 2015 is flying faster than the last year. Not that I am complaining, it just that I don't get that "Me" time in the busy days. Thank God for Showergels as I feel they are one of the things which gives me "Me" time whenever I use them.

I am shower gel kind of person, only recently I started using some of the handmade organic soaps which my Mum uses. But in the end I am back to shower gels. I don’t expect a lot from them, I just want them to smell nice and not over dry the skin . I dont even expect them to transfer the scent to skin. Around 3-4 weeks back when I was checking the new variants of Palmolive showergels  I spotted Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Showergel. Paraben free tag caught my attention and the price was 250INR, which is not bad, but I did not go for it. Just 10 days ago, the shower gel  was  priced at 170INR and it came home with me ^_^ .

Price: 250INR for 250ml ( I got it for 170INR)

The product claims: Pure Olive oil based PARABEN Free, pH 5.5 moisturizing Formula, 24 Hour Moisture Lock Technology, Refreshing Mild Natural Olives Fragrance, Imported from Turkey.

Something about my skin:
As opposed to the extremely normal need minimum moisturization skin, I have an extremely dry feet. I slather on body butters and moisturisers twice a day to keep them happy. Otherwise they end up looking dry and dark.

My Experience with Dalan d´Olive Showergel:

-The shower gel is a light yellowish green coloured gel, lathers well and gets washed off easily without leaving any slimy feeling behind.
-It does make the skin silky smooth, soft to touch and plump. I could tell that it moisturised the skin well. It does not scrub the skin and it does not claim to do so.
-My extremely dry feet felt moisturised post bath. For testing purpose I skipped the moisturiser and for about 9-10 hours my feet did not crave for moisturiser. After that the feet felt a little stretchy.
-The scent is like olive oil, not artificial and it won’t bother the sensitive nose. Little spicy he he.
- The light olive scent does linger for about 20 mintues or so.
-The packaging comes with the tight flip cap and is travel friendly.

Will I repurchase: No, I want to try different shower gels. But I will be trying their soaps, handwashes, handcream .

Will I recommend: Yes. This is going to suit every skin type.

Availability: It's available in every online website and supermarkets .

I really cant think of any cons for this product. Maybe that there should have been a travel size or smaller quantity bottle to test the product.

Overall, I think this is really a good shower gel. I don't really buy the 24 hour moisturization claim but I think 9 hour of moisturization is great. The scent is nothing extraordinary but it is not artificial either. If you want fancy smelling shower gel  while taking bath it isn't for you. If you want a simple one which does its works , moisturises the skin and is Paraben free go for it.

Ever spotted this ? Planing to buy this? Already used this? Do share.....

Live life to the fullest.

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