Finally found an affordable acrylic lipstick holder for my lovely lipsticks : Price, details, availablity

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You know you have bought a gem when your Dad says " You bought only one?? " and Mum says " Buy two more" :D I was all smiles that day. I am talking about the this acrylic 12 lipstick holder. I always wanted  one but hefty price tag, plus shipping charges, kept me away from buying one. On one of the random browsing in Amazon I came across this holder, I initially ordered one, as soon I received it I went for the second one.

Price : 270INR... sometimes the price goes up to 300INR. Even at 300INR it is really worth it, plus no shipping cost and you can opt for COD.

Availability: You can buy it from here:

The website says:
Made from durable clear rectangle acrylic holder.
The organizer is approximately 6 3/4" long X 1 1/4" front and 1 3/4" rear height X 2 1/2" width.
Oversized openings hold bottles in a variety of shapes. The back row is slightly higher than the front for enhanced visibility.

This sturdy acrylic holder holds 12 lipsticks without any fuss, square or round shaped lipstick doesnot matter. Jumbo lipsticks can be placed in the space, but they wobble at the slightest touch since they are long. It looks exactly like what website mentioned about the product. The item got delivered in 2 days. For now I have 2, I might buy another one in future or go for something else, not sure. Even if you own gazillion lipsticks you will have about 10-12 lipsticks which you love the most and keep using them, this acrylic holder is going to be useful.

It's only after Shayoni of Sweet and bitter blog mentioned that 3*8 lipstick holders are available at much cheaper than even 270INR locally, my tube light flashed that just because it's not available in my city does not mean other city's don't have them. If you are unable to find this locally and fed up of the expensive ones available online like me, this will be a good option .

What you think about this? Do you own any acrylic holder? Do share...

Live life to the fullest

PS: This is not a sponsored post by the website. Just that the second holder is sponsored by my Dad =)) .

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