Your old makeup brush is scratching you? Try this before throwing it away....

I have this really bad habit of not sharing tips and tricks with everyone. No no, not because I dont' want to help others. It's just that I have a fear of sounding silly. I assume everyone knows  the tricks and I dont need to repeat it. But this thinking changed recently, when I saw my far cousin binning her very cute Kabuki brush. When I asked about it, she said the bristles have become rough, almost scratching her face, so she got rid of it. She is not wrong, but there is a trick which might have saved that little fella.

All you need for this is: Your pokey old makeup brush and a scissor.

Just trim the bristles of the makeup brush, about 1-2 mm. By doing this the bristles which were rough are gone and brush is back to it's smooth self.

I have trimmed QVS bronzer brush for the second time. The brush quality is really good, but becomes a little scratchy after continuous use of 7-8 months. This trick has extended it's lifetime. This trick has worked on my blush brush as well. I am not saying this will work on all the brushes, but this trick might give them a little more time to live.

What you think of this trick? Trying it?

Live ife to the fullest.

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