The Body Shop Glitter Liquid Eyeliner : For that twinkly eye


           I feel the two TBS stores in my city are totally uncoordinated. One has the entire Raspberry range on 50% off, the other has only raspberry scrub. The one has travel makeup brush on 50% off and the other has eye shadow kit. The one has sparkly Mascara the other denied the existence of anything glittery. Sigh!! But this time the denial of existence of a product benefited me big time. Because when I saw the Glitter eyeliner, I saw them on 50% off. Yay!!

Price: 895INR ( I got it for 450INR ) for 3ml

Shelf life: 36 months

I wanted to have to glitter eyeliner because I just wanted it. Period. I zeroed it on MUA once, but lack of availability made me change the plans. Glad that happened; otherwise I would not have got this. So My take on the product:

The glitter eyeliner has a runny like a liquid liner consistency.
It takes some seconds to dry and stays on eyes for 6-7 hours.
The glitter particles are not gritty and it does not irritate eyes at all. Has a transparent base.
It's not waterproof. When you splash water it won't move, but if you touch it with the wet finger, it's gone. Poof!! After removing the eyeliner, you can see 2-3 glitter particles on your face, but that can be removed as well by wiping.
The applicator is this light weighted long handle type, with which you can apply eyeliner with ease.
It's travel friendly.

I really can't think of any cons as such. Just that if you rub your eyes , the glitters start moving here and there, making you look like a disco ball.

Will I repurchase: If it is available forever, yes.

Will I recommend: If you like a sparkly Eyeliner and price is not an issue go for it. I have seen many glitter eyeliners for lesser price but they irritate eyes, this one does not. I think it's the best one around.

I am just using it on the wing of an eyeliner, near inner corner to brighten the eyes. This can be used for the glittery eye makeup on the eye-shadow as well. As I said I just wanted to have one so I bought it. It isn't something which can be worn every day. I would not say it's a must have, but if you are a glitter lover, you will love this.

I have applied the eyeliner on wing on one eye and all over on the other eye

Do you like glitter eyeliner? Eyeing on this? Do share.....

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