Luxola Haul :D

Hi all,

      How cool is Luxola. I mean they are Singapore based website, sells amazing products, no custom tension, package reaches you in like 4 days( Some of the Indian websites take upto 10 days to deliver :/ ) and best part they offer COD  :O .

I always wanted to shop from Luxola. But I was in endless confusion on what to buy and what not to. But when they launched  theBalm on their website, I couldnot wait more, coz I knew this will be gone in no time.  I have a thing for theBalm products, I just love their vintagy packaging and names of the product. So this is what I got:

theBalm Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette: I have spoken about this pallet over and over again with everyone, even with Dad and he has no idea what was I talking about, even now!!! . I wanted this more than Sleek, Zoeva , Urban decays:
I got it for 1980INR, it retails above $30

And a Sleek blush in Flamingo. I wanted a pink matte blush with no shimmer not even minute and something handy. So I got this :
I got it for 580INR and it retails for 5$-6$
2 free samples and one free Sigma eyeliner brush. Woohoo!!!. I would have added Men’s shaving cream if they were giving it for free. Yes, I am cheap like that :D

Overall Experience:
I had a good experience with Luxola. From ordering to shipping to payment went on smoothly. I placed my order on 20th Jan night, Luxola shipped the goodies on 21st Jan. The package reached my city on 25th Jan morning, The only reason I received my package on 27th is because 25th was Sunday and 26th was a National holiday. I don't have any issue with that. If you live in metro city, the package would have reached within 4days itself. You just have to be quick while picking up the products since they will be sold out in no time and you have to wait until products are restocked. Restocking does take teeny bit time. I just create a wishlist of what I want, it's easier. They provide free shipping above 2300INR. Trust me there are so many products, that price mark crosses in no time ;)

Well I will be shopping from Luxola soon. I need some makeup brushes but it will be after sometime as I need some more practice. At this point of time expensive makeup  brushes in my hand will be like giving Diamond to Monkey. ( I  just called myself Monkey!!  In my own blog. Face palm O.o ) .

Have you shopped from Luxola yet? Planning to?

Live Life to the fullest

PS: These products are bought by my own money and I have used a coupon which was there in the website itself.

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