L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Orange Tempo : It will remind you of Orange candy

Hello Alll,

    Lately the L’Oreal lipsticks got me cray cray, because 1: price is high 2: shades and quality are to die for. L’Oreal has brought out these amazing infallible, liquid lipsticks, moist mattes and new one star red collection, ranging from 899 to 999INR ( All of them sound 1 K for me). We all crib saying that Drugstore pricing is insane, it's high, they should lower it. Does L’Oreal listen to it?  no.  Does that stop us from buying it? no.  We all are guilty of buying atleast one from each range. Some on offers, some on full price, but we do buy it. Major reason is Quality. So, I have stopped complaining  about the price and decided to get them whenever I can. Because, We are worth it :D .

The reason I picked up this shade : I like opaque orange shades on others, but when it comes to me, even though I have pigmented lips I don't like opaque orange. So I have been searching glossy bright orange which has shine , not too sheer, not too opaque. So these were available on Nykaa and I saw the swatches in the international blogs and ordered it.

Price: 950INR
There was a 10% percent off going on and I applied a 100 coupon, so I got this for 750. Plus I got a  Loreal Kajal Magique free with it. ( Who wants to join me in my happy dance  :P )
Never say no to free Kajal, lipstick and Blush. Okay?

So my take on the product:

- Consistency is thicker than gloss, glossier than crème/liquid lipsticks and not as opaque as Lipstick. More or less like Maybelline lip polish or the elixirs. It's juicy, glides smoothly on the lips. Dry lips are going to love this.

- It's a pure bright orange, like a Orange popsicle or a candy with micro negligible shimmer, which is not visible on lips. Coverage is not opaque, it's medium, but buildable. Non sticky.

- It stayed 4+ hours on me, survives light water/tea but does not survive a full meal, like any other gloss it transfers. Doesn't stain the lips, you are left with moisturised lips which has a light orange sheen. As if you have applied a orange tinted lipbalm.

- It does not bleed even if you keep on layering. After the 3rd hour the intensity decreases by little. Doesn’t settle in fine lines.

- This shade is going to suit everyone. Packaging wise it's classy.period. Has screw type mechanism and travel friendly. The applicator picks up right amount of product.

Will I repurchase: No. By the time I finish this I'll go after something else. I needed a shade named Fuchsia orchestra which didn't reach India. The available shades didn't excite me much.

Will I recommend: As I said they are more or less like Maybelline lippolish. So, check out the complete range and get them when they are on off. It has some lovely subtle shades and rosy reds. I think it will hit the counters in February as of now it's available on Nykaa.com with the free Kajal. I saw the swatches here in Judy's blog . Some shade name differs I think.

I love the shade, the way it makes the lips look and the way it stays!! Lovely. It's a bright orange shade, which is bright enough to pop but not one of those in your face kind of bright. All in all I am in love with it and worn it nonstop since the day I got it.

What you think about these liquid lipstick? Eyeing on any shade? want to buy it?  How is the sale shopping going on?

Live life to the fullest

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