Just Herbs 6 step organic skincare for oily/combination skin : A perfect kit

I remember having a conversation  long back with the dry skinned girl about how people find their HG products. The ones which gives what skin needs, doesnot break out and gives a glow. After a lot of pimples overnight, looking like a shiny disco ball, wasting money and having to deal with the pimple mark I am finally about to reach HG products.  Some of these Just herbs products might be in it.

These products are paraben, sulphate and mineral oil free. None of them have broken me out.  The Fagel Instant Glow Beauty Gel,  No Sun Jojoba Wheatgerm Sun Protection and Fair’e Mulethi Khus Skin Lightening Gel are specially formulated for Oily/Combination skin, whereas the rest 3 can be used by all skin types.

Step 1 face-wash decided to show it's bum..lol

So my take on the products:

Step 1:  Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant face wash (use daily) :
It smells like Fevicol when you open the lid and then breaks down to Neem and orange.  Cleans the face without drying it out and removed light makeup very well. I wanted to stay away from Neem, Tulsi and Tea tree product for a while, looks like I am stuck with it.

Step 2: Livelyclean honey exfoliating face cleansing gel (use twice a week) : 
Smells amazing, blend of herbal with Neem and orange, not medicinal. They say it is a cleansing gel, but it is scrub having mild particles, which are not too abrasive. You are left with super smooth, plum, and healthy, hydrated glowing skin post use.

Step3:  Fagel Instant Glow Beauty Gel(use daily):
This smells divine, like roots of herbal plants blended with Aloe vera.  This needs to be massaged into skin for 4-5 minutes. When I run errands, have busy day under the sun no matter what I use, running around makes the skin look dull. This gel was able to give me instant brightness under those circumstances. On a normal day,  gives a normal glow, moisturises the face well and kept face oil free for 4-5 hours. Again smooth skin post use.

Step 4 : Protein fairness pack(twice a week) : 
Clay based face pack. The paste is thick, a little too thick, smells a little like oxidized like a metal.  For me it felt and worked exactly like Mulatni mitti ( Fullers’ earth) , gave a glow which lasted a day, dried my skin and felt stretchy.  Dry skin girls needs to stay away from this. Nothing extraordinary. It’s like a fancy Multhani mitti .

Step 5: No Sun Jojoba Wheatgerm Sun Protection (daily) :
It has a air whipped mousse texture, smells fresh. The skin drinks this up, it is that light. It is sunscreen cum moisturizer. Keeps the oil at bay for a long time, protects the skin from sun and works well under foundation. The only reason to re-apply this: sunscreen lotion/gel needs to applied every 2-3 hour.

Step 6: Fair’e Mulethi Khus Skin Lightening Gel (daily at bedtime) :
Another Skin Lightening Gel . I have no idea about Skin Lightening claim, but the product smells great, is light and gets absorbed into skin well. I wake up with smooth, healthy, dry but not deprived of moisture face and yeah then there is a glow too. Even The serum I use at night time does the same, but what's different is that this calmed down my irritated skin. Sometimes my skin feels itchy and I just want to scratch my face. That has reduced after I started using this.

I have mentioned the colors they have


I will immediately:  Fair’e Mulethi Khus Skin Lightening Gel, I love how it calms down my skin. No Sun Jojoba Wheatgerm Sun Protection, another favourite.

I will eventually: Fagel Instant Glow Beauty Gel, moisturizers well and gives an instant glow to face. Livelyclean honey exfoliating face cleansing gel, does what scrubs do with a bonus glow.  Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant face wash, stuck with each other.  I have too many of these cleansing gel, scrubs, moisturizer  lying around, that is only reason for the delay in repurchase.

I will not: Protein fairness pack, just another face pack.

These have given a  glow to the face within 2 weeks of usage. I wake up with hydrated, not oily, super extra smooth skin from the past 2 weeks. I have not used them step by step and I feel that these products can be individually bought and implemented in the skin care regime, no need to follow the steps.  I just don’t find Protein fairness pack extrodinary and would not recommend a indivisiual buy. But if you get it in a kit, no harm using it. The detailed ingredient list is given in the Justherbs website.

These products are Paraben, mineral oil, sulfate free, does not break you out, gives a glow to the face, what more one can ask for.

Have you used this aalready Planning to buy it? Do share...

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