FabBag January 2015 Edition: You are early!! Did you reach me by mistake????


Why I have a doubt is this bag meant for me or not because: 
1.  I am on of those who gets the bag after 26th of the month..

This time the bag reached me on 3rd January, yeah 3rd. But I opened it on 5th morning, I have been that busy. So the products I got are:

1.  SPLURGE Daily Moisturizer: Has Almond oil, shea butter, wheat germ, is handmade and cruelty free.  I have used this twice. It is super light weight, has a fresh scent, has SPF, kept face oil free for a long time and did not break me out. Detailed review soon.
2. Sea Soul Dead sea face Mud Mask: Has Dead sea minerals, no parabens and sulphates, no petrochemicals!! Interesting. yet to try.
3. Bioderma senisibio H20 makeup remover: I need to transfer the liquid into something first. I always wanted to try this, Don’t know how Fabbag crew guessed it.
4.LAQA & Co fat lippencil in  Jammy Bastard : This made me look like Nicky Minaj not in good way. It's milky peachy color and I have a dusky complexion. First time I wore this, it was a epic fail. On my Mum's fair complexion it does work. I have used it lightly as concealer to hide lip pigmentation and it worked that way.

A mask, to go with the beauty Unmasked theme of the Bag and to top it , pretty pink metallic bag, which has been handed over to Mum already.

About the doubt:
2. The name printed on the card. It says Shreya and I am Swathi =))

Hello, Shreya !!
Overall it's a nice bag :) I am happy with it.

So which product did you like? Did you get your FabBag yet?

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