Lakme Lip Love Lip Care In Cherry : Simple lipbalm with the fancy name ?

1st Impression: Umm... these are lookalike of Elle 18 lipsticks with the see through cap.

2nd impression: Okay, twisting mechanism and smells like bubblegum. These not only look like, but smell like Elle 18 too.

3rd impression: While applying the lipbalm... smooth, feels exactly like like.. ughh Elle 18 lipsticks :/

4th impression: Where is the hint of tint on lips :O Is this cherry or strawberry ?  Did I even get a original product? ( Checks the label)

Cost: 200INR for 3.8gms
Shelf Life: 24 months.

From the moment I opened the packaging to the time I applied it on the lips,  it looked, smelt and felt like Elle 18 lipsticks. Same old balmy core, same old bubble gum scent. Been using this for 4 days and I say:

- The texture is smooth.
- The moisturization was there for about 2-3 hours. Reapplication was necessary after that.
-Just to get some reddish tint, I swiped it multiple times but the thick layer of product deposited on the lips. But still no impressive tint.
- One thing I liked was that this product did not leave the lips after I had breakfast. The lipbalm will survive a snack/light meal.
- One more good thing, has SPF 15.
- Has a very pale red tint and a typical bubblegum smell, which I hate.
- Packaging is sturdy, travel friendly and survived my clumsy hand.

Will I recommend:  Not really. If you intrigued and want to try one, try this or the strawberry one. If you are in two minds about getting this, listen to the mind that says no and forget about this.

Will I repurchase: No, I am stuck with this!! If someone gives the Strawberry one for free, I might try that.

This was a purchase made on the GOSF day, when I dint even know these were about to hit the market . Somehow these did not click with me. And looking at the reviews, I don’t think these Lakme liplove care are loved that much. Peach and vanilla variant are a total miss, atleast this fared better then them. These might be in the market to give competition to Maybelline Babylips, but it does not even come near Babylips, even Nivea lipbalms for that matter.

Lakme lip Love lip care in Cherry is an okay lipbalm. The price is affordable but these are not worth the money. At 200 bucks this should have moisturized more, smelt heavenly and coloured the lips more. Because there are lip-balms in the market which perform better than this at lesser price.

Last words: Do yourself a favour and skip it.

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