It does what it doesn't cliam to do: FAB INDIA TEA TREE TONER

Presenting Alcohol free toner with "Propylene Glycol"  in it.

You don't have to be that sarcastic Okay!!

Really, don’t you have Propylene Glycol in you?

Yeah I do!

They say you control oil. Do you?

Not completely, for 1-2 hours.

Do you clear blemishes?

No idea. I might, but not completely.

Don't you have phenoxyethanol in you? Is it safe? Answer me?

Honestly what is your problem?

Your maker says you are alcohol free? Are you?

Okay, I am not. But use me, I might surprise you ;)


Not the bad kind okay, a good one..


Before you girlie's out there think that I have gone Koo Koo... Let me tell you this is how I imagine myself having a conversion with the bottle of FAB INDIA TEA TREE TONER.

Cost: 150 INR for 100ml. 

I have seen the ingredients list in the store itself when I picked up the bottle. But still wanted to give this products a try, because I have heard good things about the product, out of curiosity and it did not cost much.

I have used it only twice for face; it did not dry out my face. But I am not a toner person at all. I use ACV, neem water. Toners I have used  in the past, have never worked for me so I have lost faith in toner. 

So coming to this toner....

It did not control oil more then 1-2 hours. I have no idea about the clearing blemishes part. Actually  nothing special.  But what it does is, it removes the blackheads/ white-heads. I use this only on my nose, so along with blackheads/ white-heads it clears all those powdery bits which will be there on the tip of your nose.  Did you just say ewwwww!!! Yes, that’s what I am talking about.

Packaging wise, it's good, hygienic and it's sturdy. The toner can be sprayed on the face itself. Has Tea tree scent and lightly burns the eyes if it goes into them.

Will I repurchase or recommend: Honestly I am in two minds and I might not repurchase this. If you have an acne-prone skin, sensitive skin can skip this. I don't think  " Propylene Glycol "  does any good . Plus it has Salicylic acid.

Honestly there is too much goodness in the ingredient list.  Tea Tree oil, Salicylic acid, Neem extract , Imid Urea and what not I just don't understand why make a claim of being alcohol free when the ingredient list has “Propylene Glycol ".  So this does not claim to remove blackheads/white-heads but it makes sure that they are gone.

Have you tried this toner? Do share.

Live life to the fullest


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