GOSF haul+ Products that I am currently testing out.....


Merry Christmas to you all :) It's most Magical time of the year: Enjoy it, indulge , gift yourself and your loved one something :D Have fun . Oh between, I went to TBS to gift the glitter eye-liner to myself, I was shown a sparkly masacara and sent back :O Does anyone know anything about the glitter eye-liner?

Anyhoo, During GOSF 2014 when all the websites were giving crazy deals, you know what I was doing, I was travelling :( I kept getting text messages of the deals and I kept staring at them. I managed to browse only 2 websites for half an hour so and I ordered from both of them. When I started browsing Nykaa... I went all What? How?OMG at the same time. I had added two NYX products two days before as there was some 10% off on NYX and I left them in the cart because I could not make up my mind( Thank God or that !!). One was the NYX Body bronzer in Daydream of Molokai and other was NYX studio liner in Purple. If you ever spot me, don't ask me to pronounce the name of Body Bronzer, coz I don't know how :D

Then from Amazon I ordered Lakme liplove care, you can view the review here:  Lakme lip Love Lip care In Cherry :

Currently I am testing out three products, One is Big eye Mascara from Maybelline and NYX goodies. I have used them once/twice for a 2-3 hours. So, I get cannot decide them on yet, plus I feel the Mascaras need a month to ripe. For me Mascaras perform best after a month, although Big eye Mascara managed to impress me in the first usage only.

So what did you pick up during the GOSF? Testing out any products currently? Do share....

Live life to the fullest

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