FabBag December edition: Turned out be my secret Santa :D

Three packages were waiting for me when I reached home today from gym. I opened 2 of them and I was least interested in opening the Fabbag-December edition box.  When Mum asked what's wrong, I said it has a candle, a lipstick or a eye-liner and some massage oil..etc. So when I finally opened the parcel after a while, I was in for a huge surprise. You see, only since November I have subscribed for Fabbag, I have just seen/read about them before, so I din't know about the twist.

So the products I got are:

SeaSoul HD Finish CC Cream with SPF20 in Medium shade: I have just swatched it; Has a strange smell to it which I hate, kinda gives dewy finish and it somehow matches my skintone, strange!! Looking forward to use it.

Just Herbs 6 Step Organic Skin care Kit 1: Has a cleanser, a face-wash, a night cream, a sun protection gel, skin fairness gel or something and a face pack. It can be either used by all skin types or oily/combination skin. Someone must have read the questionnaire. Don't know whether I will follow the steps, but I will use the products for sure.

Kronokare Itsy Bitsy Massage Addict Kit:  Why will anyone want massage kit at home :O

Nyassa Hand cream: Handcreams are welcome in my home and you will find them in every nook and corner. It has Shea butter, Sesame oil and smells like Mogra. I am not fan of it, but Mum liked it. Will see how it will fare.

Chocolato Chocolatey Christmas gift: 4 assorted chocolates; I devoured one and the rest three for my fitness trainer. I have something evil planned for my trainer. Itsy Bitsy revenge.... bwa ha ha ha ha :D

I know that these products have been received by many in the October month or so, but I feel these are much better than a candle or any eyeliner in strange color. Fabbag turned out be a Secret Santa for me this time. Happy with it. Yes, I did buy some new stuff and hence, three packages. I don’t want to do another haul post . I’ll just test the products and review them.

So what did you get in the December Fabbag ? Do share.....

Live Life to the fullest

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