A treat for purple lovers: Review of FACES Ultime Pro Lip Creme Grape Martini

One fine day, some where in the FACES office, someone must have thought " Let’s give Swathi what she wants, let’s put her out of her misery".

The day I saw the swatches of these pro Lip Creme I wanted this purple creme. I have lost sleep over this color!! I waited and waited and finally It's mine. It’s None other than FACES Ultime Pro Lip Creme in GRAPE MARTINI. Let’s give this lip crème a round of applause please. ....

Cost: 649INR for 4.6 ml.

So I have been using this since a week or so and I say:

* Beautiful purple colour. It works beautifully with warm complexion; I think it will work with fair/pink undertone beauties as well.
* The creme is opaque, amazing pigmentation.
* One swipe is enough to cover the lip pigmentation.
* Does not bleed/feather.
* Stays for about 3-4 hours, then starts fading and leaves a pink tint behind.
* Survives little snacks.
* Unique color at an affordable rate.
*It's Paraben and Lanolin free.

* Comes with the usual Doe foot applicator, but I quite din't like it. I use a lipbrush for application.
* Lips needs to be ex-foliated before application.
* The dry flaky lips does not get accentuated, but lips do not look good either.
* The shade is not everyone’s cup of coffee.

Will I repurchase: I love this shade, it works for me. So yes. I might buy another shade in the range as well.

Will I recommend:  Buy it if you love the color or if you want to own different shades of lippys in your kitty.

This range is worth checking out, it has amazing shades at an affordable rate. Best part, this pro crème can be worn lighty as a tint too.  It's a nice change compared to our usual pinks and reds.

Now let me tell why I was going bonkers over this shade :

Look at this gorgeous woman, a friend of mine sent me this photo. Always loved the lip color but never thought this will work for darker, medium, warm skin. And I was like I need this. I tried to search for it but none seemed to satisfy me.I have spent countless hours perfecting this color. Bit of fushica, bit of berry, my Mum’s lip glosses and maybe little neon pink, which yielded nothing!! :(  Untill one fine day, someone, somewhere............... ;)

Love purple? What you think about the shade? Giving it a try? Do share

Live life to the fullest


PS: The photo was sent to me. I have no clue where this photo is from. If you want me to delete this , take this down, let me know. I will do the needful, also if you know that person tell her that she is gorgeous :)

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